Nothing Like Us

When Lyra gets into a no strings attached relationship with a worldwide superstar, they both start to develop feelings for each other. It gets to much for Lyra but she isn't strong enough to pull out of it. What will happen?


3. What am I doing.




After a 4 hour long drive back home all i wanted to do was sleep. I had to be at Justin's in an hour, i couldn't let him down.

I went shopping on my way back and brought the cutest bikini. I needed to find something to wear over the top just until i got there, so i just put on a short aztec dress. After doing my hair and applying my make up i was ready to go, i was freaking out though i'm not going to know anyone. I found justin's adress and pulled up to a mansion it was huge but look very modern. I walked up to the front door and just as i was about to knock it opened.

 "Ayee lyra nice to see you again!" he pulled me in for a hug.


"hey" i stopped to admire the house but realised there was nobody else here.

"justin.." i asked


"I thought this was a 'party'?" he was so confusing.

"it can still be a party with just me and you" he whisper coming close up to my ear.

i gulped

"race you" he laughed running off.

he obviously won and was in the pool already i stood on the edge not wanting to get in.

"It's colddddd" i whined.

he grabbed my ankles and pulled me in. 

I screamed as i hit the ice cold water.

while i was underwater i removed my dress so i was in my bikini.

I came to the surface. He was staring at me smirking.


"Want to go under again?" 

Before i had the chance to reply he dragged me under with him.

we both couldn't stop laughing, we got along so well. After an hour of messing around things started to get tense.

"so have you got a boyfriend?" he asked

"nope" i replied

"Really wow" he stared blankly 

"What's that suppose to mean?" i joked 

"I would of thought you had a new guy everyday" not even looking at me

bipolar bitch

"Whats got into you?" i asked

"i know the sort of girl you are lyra" he came closer to me.

"fuck and chuck. You'll lead me on, fuck me and then never talk to me again" he said in my ear

"sorry if gave you that impression, but i don't want to be in a relationship at the moment." why am i apologizing.

"It's not a bad thing you know, i'm like it too" 

okay i don't know what the fuck he's on about 

"You're loosing me biebs" i smirked

"I don't want a relationship either, but i want to fuck" he's drunk defiantly.

"so lets be fuck buddies"

i burst out laughing

wha- i was cut off by him attacking me with his soft lips and his hands feeling all over my body.

I knew i couldn't back out now.

We climbed out of the pool, our lips still attached.

We made our way upstairs, clothing being discarded throughout the house. When we reached his bedroom i fell backwards on the bed and he climbed on top of me.

What am i doing


I woke up to find lyra sleeping peacefully next to me, she was so perfect. Her eyes fluttered open and her cheeks automatically turned a bright red.

I smirked. 

"Morning" she whispered her throat must still hurt from last night haHA.

"good morning" i smiled


"We should do this again sometime" he winked

No, no we shouldn't 

i didn't say anything, i got out of bed and started getting changed.


"Yes?" my voice came out shakier then i expected.

"i want to take you out for dinner tonight" i don't even think that was a question.

I nodded

"Text me your address, i'll pick you up at  6:30" he said

I didn't reply again just nodded.

I took me a while to get out of his huge house but once i did i was overwhelmed with flashes.




Questions were thrown at me i had to laugh.

When i got inside my car/ they were surrounding me. I had tinted windows so luckily they couldn't really see me. 

To: Justin 

Thanks for the warning:/ 



I woke up to the sound of my phone. 

From: Lyra

Thanks for the warning:/ 


To: Lyra

Ooops sorry baby;) 

so what's your address? 

From: Lyra 

Promise not to stalk me? :)) 

I laughed

To: Lyra

I'll try not to ;) See you at 6:30 

This is perfect finally i can have someone to just fuck.

No strings attached.



ew sorry its so shitty 

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