Nothing Like Us

When Lyra gets into a no strings attached relationship with a worldwide superstar, they both start to develop feelings for each other. It gets to much for Lyra but she isn't strong enough to pull out of it. What will happen?


2. She's with me


As the stage went into black out we all took our positions.

"Now for a very special performance from two of our nominees tonight, please give it up for nicki minaj ft lil wayne performing highschoo!" the host introduced. 

Breathe, breathe, breathe

The lights came on and nicki started her rap. As i started to move and try my best not to trip up, i was too focused to realize who was on the front row. The dance was coming to an end and i was getting every single sharp move right, i was impressed with myself. 

The instrumental part started, 5 of us were in a perfectly straight line as we made our way down the four steps that lead us to the audience. 

I went to the right section and as i got past the lights i saw who the luck guy is, ha. 

Hm not too bad, bieber and his crew all looking confused but i think they knew what was happening. 

I got justin luckily, i mean the other two were very attractive twist and za but, it's justin fucking bieber. I placed my heel between his legs i came closer to his face as i inhaled his gorgeous scent. I stared in to his caramel orbs and he licked his lips. 


I stared into her beautiful blue eyes as her heels was up between my leg. My mouth got dry and i looked to my right to see za and twist getting the same treatment from two pretty girls but no where near as stunning as my one. She turned around and bent down in front of me so i could get the best view of her ass. She did a little dance in front of me, which was flawless. She came closer and never took her eyes from me. I felt her warm breath on my neck as her hands touched the inside of my thighs and traveled up my toned chest to then turning around and placing herself on my lap. 



As the music stopped i got up off him and walked backstage before turning around and looking into his beautiful eyes one last time.

Well it was fun while it lasted. 

"great job girls!" brian said or should i say yelled. 

'thanks'  and 'thank you's' were mumbled throughout our changing room.

Every time i tried to get out the painfully tight leotard, i would elbow someone or loose my balance it was so cramped in here. I had enough so i went in search for an empty changing room, picking up all my stuff i left. Walking down corridors and up and down staircases a security guard came up to me. 

"Excuse me miss can i see your pass?" he said 


where did i put it?

searching through my bag frantically i tried explaining to him that i was a dancer, but he wasn't accepting my apparently 'excuse'.

"I'm going to have to ask you to leave" 

Fuck sake

"It's ok, she's with me" a deep voice said behind me. 

The security guard walked off.

I turned around to see who my life saver was. 

Him, Justin.

"Uhm thanks, for telling him that i-i um" i didn't know what to say eurgh stop it lyra.

He chuckled,

"it's fine" he flashed his priceless smile

"You need somewhere to get change?" he said looking at my half naked body and bag full of clothes. 

I nodded

He led me to his changing room, it was nicer than my whole house. 

"Yoooo bro you found that hot chick" za teased

i blushed and looked around for a place to change. 

"Shut up man" justin whined also blushing.


There was no enclosed part for me to get changed, i just went into the corner of the room and got out of my leotard so i was just in my underwear.

"Holy fuck" i heard za whisper

"Good job bro" he said to justin. 

I quickly put on some studded black shorts and a grey top with a black lace back. 

I took my hair down and let my long waves flow down my shoulders and applied some lip balm.

My make up from the dance was still in place, luckily.

I turned around to see za and justin both staring at me. I needed to say something to break the silence.

"So thanks for letting me get changed here, it was nice meeting you both." 

I didn't want to leave but i made my way to the door.


i turned around

"There's a pool party at my place in calabasas tomorrow, can you make it?" Justin asked handing me his address. 

"Sure i'm going home tomorrow, i live in calabasas" i smiled

"My new neighbor ey?" he teased 

"i guess" i laughed 

he smiled that adorable smile. 

"See you there no later then 8. Put on something tight" he winked 

I rolled my eyes and laughed. 

"See you tomorrow biebs" already giving him a nickname i'm sure he will hate. 

"i didn't get your name?" he pouted a sad face


As soon as i got in my car and shut my door one thought came into my head. 

I don't have a nice bikini 


Let me know what you think about this chapter, because if i think nobody is reading or enjoying this story i'll just stop writing so yeahh:) sorry it was short but its kinda rushed. Thanks for reading! 








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