Nothing Like Us

When Lyra gets into a no strings attached relationship with a worldwide superstar, they both start to develop feelings for each other. It gets to much for Lyra but she isn't strong enough to pull out of it. What will happen?


4. Games


I pulled up to my apartment i only lived 5 minutes away from Justin, unfortunately. As i walked in the front door i was attacked with hugs from my roommate kasey.

 "I missed you!" She said pulling away from me.

" I was only gone for 2 days! Aw but i missed you to-" i stopped talking as a masculine figure walked out of her room. I raised an eyebrow at her, she turned around and spotted him. 

I smirked. 

"Oh this is um my uhh-" she stuttered 

"Boyfriend?" i asked 

She nodded. I expanded my arm out to shake his hand. 

"I'm Lyra" i smiled. 

"Luke" he smiled back. 

"Well i'll leave you two to it, i'm going out later i need to get ready" i explained 

"But you just got back?" kasey pouted

"I'm sure he'll keep you company" i winked. 

She blushed a deep red, ha.

I went to the bathroom and locked the door. I turned the hot water on and let it run. I undressed and stepped inside. I washed my hair with strawberry scented shampoo and conditioner, i let the water run down my face to my body. I always use the shower to think things through without anybody interrupting me. The only thing or person i was thinking of was him. 

I knew exactly what i was getting myself into, he didn't and wouldn't ever love me, and i wouldn't love him either. We were seeing each other purely for the fun of it and the sex. He would probably get with other girls inbetween when we see each other, i just got to not let that affect me and not get my emotions involved. 

I turned the water off and wrapped a towel around me. I brushed my teeth and soaked my hair in several hair products and oils before drying it. I opened my wardrobe not knowing what wear .





Oh the joy of being a girl. 

I picked out a bralet with a high skirt both white. 

I curled my hair but then brushed them out lightly so they were loose. 

I did my make up, applying some foundation and some white and blue eye shadow to match my eyes and outfit. I did a thin line of eyeliner and some mascara, and finally filling in my eyebrows and adding blusher. i'll do my lips last as it just fades.

I was ready and looked at the time.

6:27 Shit.

I quickly put some random black heels on, grabbed some make up and my purse and shoved it in my clutch bag. Before spaying myself with a little bit to much perfume and body spray. 

The doorbell rang. 

I opened it to see him standing there looking perfect. He was leaning against the wall, with a bouquet of roses.

"Hey" i smiled

He didn't reply he just kept staring at me up and down. 

i shuffled awkwardly,

"Oh sorry, these are for you" he handed me the roses

"Aw thank you" i placed them in a vase, pretty sure kasey will be questioning them later.

He took my hand and walked me out to the car.

"You look stunning" he complimented 

i blushed

"So, do you" i mentally punched myself in the face after i said that, he burst out laughing. 

"i-i mean not stunning obviously, uh i mean nice you l-look nice...yeah" i tried to cover up my stupid self

"y'know i've never been called stunning before" he chuckled

i groaned, trying to hide my bright red face with my clutch. 

The car ride was a comfortable silence. We arrived at this posh looking restaurant i had never been to before.

He opened my car door, i smiled.

 A group of boys came up to us, a few of which i found familiar. He turned to me

"I hope you don't mind but the crew are going to join us" he gave me that adorable smile. 

What is it with this boy first he says come to a pool party and then there is nobody else there, and now he invites me to a romantic meal and 10 other men turn up.

"No i don't mind at all" I'm a good liar.

We all were seated at a large table. I felt slightly outnumbered to say the least.

"So biebs you got yourself another girl in what? a week?" One guy said from the other side of the table. 


The others laughed, i could see he was getting angry so i rested my hand on his leg to calm him down.

"I guess we just can't stay away from him" i said sarcastically playing along with it. 

Running my hand up and down his leg more he was tensed.

The group started having their own little conversations including justin. I did feel a bit left out, but i suppose it's 'business'.

I tried to distract justin from his conversation because i'm an evil bitch, i started moving my hand higher and higher up his thigh, getting closer. I heard him stutter slightly in what he was saying. 


He reached down and removed my hand away but that didn't stop me. I carried on and carried on.

"Lyra?" He said my name suddenly.

"Yes?" i asked innocently 

"Could i have a word please?" 

Sure he was on about 'a word' more like 'a fuck'. 

"sure" i smiled innocently again. 

'Oooo's' were heard from the table as we left. I smirked.

He took me into the toilets.

He pinned me up to the wall but not hard enough to hurt me. 

"What is this game lyra?" he ran his hand up my dress.

"What is YOUR game?" he repeated before kissing my neck. 




Sorry i haven't updated in ages but i didn't get any reviews so i there wasn't much point. If i do get some more reviews i'll do a new chapter every day?:) Thanks for reading & sorry it was so short. 



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