Second Generation of One Direction

Follow the journey of One Direction's kids. You get to meet Harry's daughters, Niall's daughter, Liam's son, Zayn's daughter and sons, and meet Louis' son. You also get to meet the wonderful wives of One Direction.


4. The New Boys In School

                                                                   Carly's P.O.V. 

Today is the second day of school and I have nothing to wear. 

For the last ten minutes I've been standing in my underwear, in front of my closet, begging it to show me at least something on the brink of decent. An idea strikes me, as I notice my laptop, sitting blankly on my desk. I charge towards it eagerly, and click straight onto facetime and call my favourite contact.

Darcy picks up after two of the ostentatiously loud rings of her mobile. I smile to myself as I imagine her half asleep, hurrying to get ready for school after my harsh wake up call. 

As I see her face emerge blearily from the darkness, I cut straight to the chase.

"Hey, so I need help. What should I wear for my second day of school outfit?"

Darcy blinks stupidly. "You should wear your purple dress."she mutters a response, as if I didn't wear that on the second day last year!

I don't bother explaining to her why I ask,"What else do you think I should wear?"

"Uh.. What about..." Darcy glances behind me at my closet for inspiration, " Um...your flowery shorts....teal shirt.... and teal sandals... and..uh....your teal purse.... your.... teal sunglasses too ...and your, er...your bangle bracelets!" 

"Perfect!" I exclaim, to tired to do anything but do as Darcy said. "Yeah, ok, bye then!" I chirp, ready to dress to impress Dillon and Daniel.

"See ya at the bus stop." 

After hanging up and changing I walk downstairs to have breakfast. "Hey Dad."

"Hey sweetie what do you want for breakfast?"

"Can I have pancakes and some bacon." I eat my pancakes and leave. "Bye dad."

"Bye. Have a good day!" I walk to the bus stop and see Darcy standing there.

"Hey Darcy."

"Hey. So are you excited to meet Dillon and Daniel today? I know I'm excited. I love meeting new people and making new friends." Darcy gabbles, her whole face brightening at the thought of the new boys.

"I'm so excited. I love meeting new people too. We could be twins."

"We totally could be." We go to the back of the bus and sit down in our prized seats, no longer suspicious of the girls who gave them up. After talking the entire way there, in anticipation of the male newbies, we arrive at school, all to quickly. 

"See you at lunch."

"See you at lunch," I reply, as we both walk our separate ways to our separate class rooms. 

                                                               Darcy's P.O.V.

I sashay into the classroom and take my seat. Closely following me, a tall boy strides after me, before pausing in the doorway to look round for a seat. My heart clenches up in anticipation, as I call out to him, cooler than the polar ice caps, "Hey you can sit here!" To my relief, he obliges, and sits in the seat next to me.

"Hi, my name is Dillon. I'm new."

"I'm Darcy," I smile, before picking him up on his strange accent. "Where are you from?"

"I moved here from Ireland." 

"That's cool.

"Class be quiet so we can start the lesson." my teacher Miss Godfrey yells amidst the raucous chatter coming from around me. Before I bow in to her annoying requests however, I take the opportunity to show Dillon my amazing social skills when it comes to him,

"Hey , Dillon do you want to sit with my friends Carly, Stephanie, and I at lunch?"

"Sure," the boy replied smoothly, before a frown appeared on his forehead as he said, " Can my brother, Daniel, sit with us?"

"Absolutely." We walk in, meet up with Daniel, get our lunch, and sit down on my usual table.

"Hey Darce!" Steph greets me merrily.

"Hey Steph," I casually reply, gesturing to the twins before I say, "This is Dillon and Daniel -they're new."

"Hey," Daniel says, his voice velvety and soft.

"So you guys are twins?"asks Carly, stating the obvious in an attempt to make conversation with the practically-Gods, standing before us.

"Yup. We moved here from Ireland. Our dad's work transferred him here." shrugs Dillon.

"That's cool," Steph sighs dreamily, forgetting that Carly and I are the ones meant to be bagging the twins in their cuteness.

"Uh huh," nods Daniel, unconvinced, before Dillon butts in:

"So you guys are best friends?"

"Yeah. We have another best friend, but she goes to a private school a couple streets over. Hannah Malik."

"Awesome," Daniel says, completely uninterested in Hannah. A small, selfish part of me, thinks 'Good.' Because that small, selfish part of me, is thinking, that maybe, just maybe, he's interested in me.

*Coauthor's Note*

Hi guys, it's Mirlotta again :) I've edited this chapter as well. Like, added in extra information, or if it needed it taken out unnecessary info. So yeah, generally edited it.  To be clear, the first three chapters have been edited, the first one is now entirely different.

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