Second Generation of One Direction

Follow the journey of One Direction's kids. You get to meet Harry's daughters, Niall's daughter, Liam's son, Zayn's daughter and sons, and meet Louis' son. You also get to meet the wonderful wives of One Direction.


7. Introduction/Look Like

Hey guys I just wanted to tell you I have to new co-authors. The co-authors are 1dayiwillmarry1d and mirlotta. I also wanted to tell you what everyone looks like, besides 1D.

Danielle: Blonde curly hair, blue eyes, and freckles.

Darcy: Dirty blonde straight hair and green eyes.

Tiffany: Blonde straight hair, blue eyes, and freckles.

Emily: Blonde hair lightly wavy and hazel eyes.

Carly: Blonde hair, blue eyes, has her moms face features.

Bella: Dark brown curly hair and blue eyes.

James: Brown hair that's a little bit curly and blue eyes.

Perrie: Blonde wavy hair and blue eyes.

Hannah: blonde hair and blue eyes.

Hunter: Brown hair and hazel eyes.

Craig: Dark brown hair and blue eyes.

Eleanor: Brown hair and brown eyes.

Toby: Brown hair and blue eyes.

oh and Mirlotta quit because she has a lot of other stories to write so but she will continue to read this story and I hope she comments once in a while to check up on us. I will keep the 3rd and 4th chapters the way she and I edited them. And I will also start referring to myself as Hannah Horan and you guys as my carrots because I love Niall and like everyone else refers to you guys as carrots so. Or we will have a contest should I refer to you guys as my carrots, my tacos, or my spoons or forks. You guys can choose your awesome nickname so go.

-Hannah Horan

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