Darcy Styles (Harry Styles daughter)

Hi so my name is Darcy and I'm Harry Styles daughter yep I'm the Harry Styles guy from 1D daughter I don't have a mom I don't know what happened to her. I'm the miss popularity of my high school along with Katie Hoarn, Jessy Malik, Jasmine Payne,and lastly my bff Mallory Tomlinson all because were one directions daughters!! Were all only child's and all partners in crime were so we always stand up for each other. were all very pretty and Were all bad and none of us have a mom so that's about it

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Oh also KIK me at harrys_gal_me if you have questions about the story but tell me your
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So I went to sit in the corner and got my earlier generation iPhone. Why you ask well you'll see. Darcy give me your phone your grounded. Ugh why (I had to put up a fight to seem convincing) Cause your grounded thats why now hand it over! Ok fine. I said and he left with my precious I phone with him yeah the one I don't even care about. So aww shit he didn't say if I could get out of the bloody corner! Aww screw it I'm getting up. I go to text my friends cause we need to know who ratted us out so we can beat them up mainly mentally but also physically. So I start typing " WHO THE H€|| RATTED US OUT?!" And I hit send. No reply. Still no reply. OK WHERE'S THE REPLY!!??? Ok Darcy calm down relax ok relax.  Ok I have all this time ill make a list of suspects. 1•Alexis she wanted to be in our group but we denied her, always follows us around. 2•Leo he wanted to be my bf I said no, try's to get me to go out with him could use this as blackmail. 3• Braxton won't leave us alone sort of a stalker Mallory's neighbor poor Mallory. Ok that's about it. So I texted them our list of suspects and we all worked together to narrow it down and our culprit is?....... 

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