Darcy Styles (Harry Styles daughter)

Hi so my name is Darcy and I'm Harry Styles daughter yep I'm the Harry Styles guy from 1D daughter I don't have a mom I don't know what happened to her. I'm the miss popularity of my high school along with Katie Hoarn, Jessy Malik, Jasmine Payne,and lastly my bff Mallory Tomlinson all because were one directions daughters!! Were all only child's and all partners in crime were so we always stand up for each other. were all very pretty and Were all bad and none of us have a mom so that's about it

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3. Clothes shoes and trouble

So we called acted like our dads and said "hey the girls are sick and won't be in today we're terribly sorry". AND THEY BELEVIED IT!!! "Haha there so gullible"I said to Mallory "IKR"she said just as we pulled into the parking lot. YAYYY WERE HERE!! I heard the other 3 yell. We all got out and Mallory said "guys we all need to stick together incase our dads are here so put on your Disguises and we can get going watch out for our dads though I think they said they'd be at the recording studio today so we should be fine but just be careful. OK ARE WE READY!!! She yells. YESS!! We all yell. WELL THAN LETS GO SPEND MONEY MY LITTLE SHOPPING MINONS!!! And then we all run like crazy fools into the mall!! We run to forever 21 and look at everything. Then we run into Hollister and go try on things. Then we go to Justice and look around I find a Harry Styles pillow I hold it up to my face and say "I'm Harry Styles and my curls aren't even real". Hahaha the other 4 are cracking up and do the same with their dads pillows we end up buying them to give away to 1D fans. We all got hungry so we headed over to the Nando's at the food court. Um Katie? Says Jessy "yeah Jess?" That looks awfully like uncle Niall's hair…says Jessy. Katie turns to look in the direction Jessy's looking in "uh oh…" she says. WHAT! We all whisper scream at her Simultaneously." That doesn't look like dad that is dad, and he's not alone there's your dads curly hair Darcy, there's your dads swoop Jessy, there your dads muscles jasmine and there's your dads striped shirt Mallory" said Katie "we're dead"I say That's not the worst part THERE COMING THIS WAY!!!!!She says. Oh carp might as well kiss my life good bye I say. Like 10 seconds after i say that they show up right in front of us "hey are you guys fans?" says Liam. I wonder why they ask oh yeah we're holding the pillows. "OMG your 1D" I say playing along. I winked at the other confused 4 and then they got it. "Would you like us to sign your pillows?"dad asked." Oh yes please Harry" I almost blew are cover I was about to say dad but I caught the words before they slipped out of my mouth! Well you can just get it signed at home can't you Darcy said dad while yanking off my hood and sunglasses…..

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