More than this - Friendzone

He has always been my best friend, we had always made time for each other even though he goes on tour and doesn't live here anymore.
but some how something changed, I saw him differently now and I caught myself feeling something more than just friendship. Best friends don't fall in love with each other right?
but our friendship turned out to be more than that!


11. Wouldn't dream of anything else

- Peyton -


If I thought I was in heaven before it was nothing of what I felt right now. the way his hands ran over my body and the way his lips was gently pressed against my skin. I had never felt like this before, the butterflies in my stomach was flying around like crazy and I felt so lightheaded due to the fact that I wasn't breathing normally. 

Again he found my sweet spot and nibbled lightly on the skin before sucking it, probably making a love bite. A mark to tell the world that I belonged to somebody now, to him. I hissed as I felt his teeth barely touch my neck before he pulled back and then kissed my lips again.  

I wanted to know what he felt, yeah we knew that we didn't want to ignore this but what did he really feel about all of this? 

I pulled back laying my hands on his chest pushing him slightly away from me, the cold air that was getting between us made me chill but I had to know and him kissing me wasn't letting me think straight.


"Harry." I said.

"Are you okay?" Harry asked and looked a bit confused.

"I need to know, what does this mean?" I asked him and looked into his green orbs. 

"I like you and I want to be with you." he whispered like he was ashamed to admit it and he looked away and I instantly felt lonely. 


And I couldn't really blame him, It was like what we were doing was something that was against the rules. 


"I like you too." I whispered back and cupped his cheek making him look at me again. 


I smiled and caressed his cheek with my thumb, he smiled back and the dimple in his cheek showed. 


"we are suppose to be best friends, best friends don't really do this do they?" he asked as he hoovered over me. 


I shifted my legs making one of my heels slide up his leg. Harry caressed his hand from the inside of my knee, over my thigh and then cupping my bum . I could feel his bulge pressing against me but I was trying to ignore it so that I could answer his question.


"no but when have we ever been like everybody else?" I sigh and look into his eyes.

"You're right. With you I'm just me. I don't feel like I have to be something i'm not, I'm not even trying because you know me." he said.

"me too, and I know you probably better then you know yourself." I smiled.

"yeah just like I thought I knew you." he laughed.

"what is that suppose to mean?" I asked and frowned.

"first of all, lace? seriously?" he smirked.

"I didn't know that I had to tell you about that, besides my mother bought those, not me." I giggled.

"well you look very, very hot in those, regardless who's the buyer." Harry smiled and pecked my lips gently.

"I can't believe that this happened." I smiled back.

"you better believe it babe." Harry smirked.

"yeah, or else what?" I asked letting my arms snake around his neck, pulling him closer.

"I'll show you." he whispered and kissed me full force and we ended up having an other hot make out session. 


- - - 


after a while when we needed a break, to get air and to get something to eat we got down to the kitchen. The kitchen counter was prepped with two bowls, the cereal box and a few bananas, spoons and cups. 

Harry started to reheat the water and I decided to take the milk, juice and butter out from the fridge. I also took out some cheese for the sandwiches and the bread too of course. 

we were back to our regular sleepover routine now, we sat down at the kitchen table and had our breakfast, that was more like a brunch. Harry kept having this really cheeky smile on his face. Like he had won the lottery or something. we ate under silence. I guess we both had some things to think about. 


"Harry?" I asked.

"yeah." he answered as he put the dishes in the dishwasher. 

"maybe we should keep this to ourselves for a while." I said as I walked up to stand next to him.

"why?" he asked and frowned.


It wasn't that I didn't wanted to be with him, quite the opposite actually. 


"until we know what this is, what's between us maybe we should just keep it to ourselves. to be honest I would just like to have you for myself for a while." I whispered and looked down.


I couldn't meet his eyes. I was afraid of how he would react on that. I didn't want any drama, I didn't want our relationship to be over before it even had started. I wanted a slow start so that the transition from being best friends to being a couple wouldn't be that big of a deal.


"you mean like a secret?" he asked. 

"just until WE are ready to tell the world." I said making an emphasis on the we part. 


because that is what it was, it was our decision to tell when and where we tell people about us. I hoped he understood where I was coming from. In a normal situation like this we probably would have changed Facebook status like an hour ago but this is different  I'm not done with school yet and Harry is an international celebrity. wherever he goes there are fans and paparazzi that are following his every move. I was a bit scared of what the fans would say. I knew how much hate that was sent to Eleanor and Sofia. I didn't want that. 


"I just meant that this is so new and we are still getting used to the idea ourselves. we should take our time to discover this new side of our relationship without anyone else telling us what to do." I said.

"you have a point, so towards anyone else we are what we used to be? just friends?" he asked.

"yeah, but when we are alone..." I start. 

"I get to kiss and hug you like this morning?" he smirks.

"I'm gonna remind you if you don't." I smiled. 

"I'm not going to need a reminder." He smirked again and snaked his arms around my waist pulling me closer. 

"then what are you waiting for?" I teased.


he didn't need to be asked twice as his lips slowly got closer to mine, still with a smirk on his mouth. I smiled and enjoyed the feeling of his lips finally touching mine again. his hands slowly got under the t shirt I was wearing and caressed my skin on my waist. I closed my eyes and Harry made me step back. I felt the counter against my back just before Harry lifted me up onto the countertop stepping forward to stand between my legs. I wrapped them around his waist making him step even closer and snaked my hands up into his hair. his curls were so soft against my fingertips. 

suddenly Harry's phone started to vibrate on the counter.


"ignore it!" I breathed.

"yeah." Harry said and continued to kiss me


the phone stopped vibrating and our kiss got more heated. I pulled his shirt of and just as Harry was about to open the hooks on my bra the phone started to vibrate again. Harry stopped and had his forehead against mine. we both were breathing heavily. 


"I guess it's important." he sighed and tried to slow his breath enough to not sound like he had ran a marathon when he answered the call. 

"It's okay." I sighed and kissed his cheek before I let his waist go and jumped down from the counter. 



- Harry - 


Damn phone!


Right now I hated the person that was calling. why now? I sighed and watched how Peyton jumped of the counter remaking the messy ponytail on her head to a messy bun instead. she stepped up to the sink and took a glass of water. I took the phone and saw that it was Louis calling.


"it's Louis." I groaned.

"do we tell him?" she asked as she turned and looked at me.

"he wouldn't shut up about it." I said. 

"then don't, just tell him that you haven't talked to me yet."

"what?" I asked.

"I kind of called him from the bathroom in the diner." she said.

"that's like 3 days ago." I said raising my eyebrows. 

"yeah so?" she asked.

"we haven't gone that long without talking before, he would know that i'm lying." I told her.

"then say we hadn't had the time to talk about that yet. will you tell him about the dress?" she asked.

"he sounded so happy when i asked him for advice." she sighed. 


the phone had once again stopped vibrating. I knew that Lou probably would jump to some dirty conclusion by now but I didn't care. 


"fine, lets just say that we have avoided him because of the dress." I said.


and on que the phone started vibrating again. I pressed the green phone and then the speakerphone button.


L: Louis H: Harry. *ON SPEAKERPHONE*

L: "who isn't answering right away now, huh?" *sounding angry*

H: "well hell to you to Louis."

L: "what's up? have you told her yet?" 

H: "I haven't found the right time or place yet." 


I smiled knowing that Peyton stood next to me knowing exactly what I was talking about. Louis couldn't know that he was on speaker or that Peyton was listening.


L: "she called me you know, she's worried!" *sigh*

H: "soon I'll tell her soon." 

L: " you are my best friend Haz, but sometimes you are so slow." 

H: "what to you mean by that?" *slightly offended*

L: "she loves you and you love her, just go for it already!" *shouts*

H: "you really think so?" *trying to sound insecure*

L: "everybody knows Harry! some of the fans already ship you." *sigh*

H: "really?" *genuinely surprised*


Peyton frowned and took out her phone. she was as surprised as I was.


L: "yeah, search 'Heyton' on twitter, its kind of trending." *laugh*

H: "you're serious?" 

L: "hey, don't shoot the messenger  Apparently someone caught you dress shopping the other day." 

H: "yeah about that, we kind didn't go with your advice."

L: "why not? it was high class advice!"

H: "because we found the perfect dress and it was to perfect not to buy."

L: "fine, send me pictures from prom." *sigh of defeat*

H: " Lou, she really appreciated the advice. she just really loved that dress and Peyton never loves dresses." 

L: "she loved it?" 


Peyton nodded her head quickly giving me a bright smile. she really did love that dress.


H: "yeah and that says a lot of that dress." 

L: "yeah it does. Look I have to go, Eleanor is coming over." 

H: "okay, talk to you later Lou."

L: " yeah tell Peyton I said hi."

H: "yeah I will, say Hi to El too."

L: "yeah, bye Haz!" 

H: "Bye Lou."


Peyton was still on her phone and scrolling down the screen.


"He wasn't kidding Harry, there are a lot of pictures of us at the dress shop and from the diner and the park." she told me and showed the pictures.

"they're cute."  I smiled.

"Harold!" she exclaimed.

"what they are!" I laughed and tried to avoid her hand punching my arm.

"yeah but that's not the point." she sighed.

"babe, let them think what they want, as long as we know what we want it doesn't matter." I told her and opened my arms for her to step into my embrace.

"but." she started.

"no buts, like you said, we are going to tell the world when we are ready for it." I told her.

"we're exclusive, just so you know." she said walking into my arms.

"I wouldn't dream of anything else, babe." I laughed. 

"good, you are of the market." she muffled to my chest making her voice vibrate into my shirt.

"then so are you." I smiled and kissed the top of her head.

"Wouldn't dream of anything else." she smiled as she pulled back and gave me a kiss.







I really didn't know how to continue this after the first kiss.. but I hope that it's okay, I have some things that are going to happen in the next chapters and who will find out first? the families  the press? or Louis? stay tuned... 

// Sarah

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