More than this - Friendzone

He has always been my best friend, we had always made time for each other even though he goes on tour and doesn't live here anymore.
but some how something changed, I saw him differently now and I caught myself feeling something more than just friendship. Best friends don't fall in love with each other right?
but our friendship turned out to be more than that!


9. Water fights and movies

- Peyton -

we stepped into Harry's house. Anne was in the kitchen making dinner.

"hey mom, is it okay that Peyton stays the night? she doesn't really wanna go home." Harry said and took a peace of a tomato that Anne was cutting making a salad.

"I heard them, It's okay." Anne smiled, dried her hands on a towel and gave me a hug. 

"Thanks Mrs.twist" I said.

"for the millionth time Peyton. it's Anne and you are always welcome here when you don't want to be home. Even if Gemma or Harry isn't here. okay?" she said.

"thanks Anne, that is very kind of you." I smiled and hugged her back. 

"are you guys hungry?" Anne asked.

"yeah, I'm starving." Harry told us and on que his stomach growled loudly making us all laugh.

"if you guys set the table then we can eat." She smiled and went back to finishing the salad and making sure that nothing was burning on the stove. 


I had always liked Anne, she was one of the kindest women I have ever meet and the fact that she was my best friends mother and that she was what I wanted my mother to be, made her even more precious to me.

She had her brown hair into a ponytail and she wore a t shirt and regular jeans. She looked so comfortable and happy. Not at all like my mother that always had strict up-dues and always wore a skirt and blouse even if it was the weekends and she didn't need to meet anyone. 

Harry and I set the table and as we were done Robin came into the kitchen kissing Anne's cheek then helping her get everything to the table. 

It was a quiet dinner, everything was calm and not as stressful as I believed my house was at this time. 

we could still hear my parents argue, I felt bad and first I could only pick in my food. 


"It's okay, it doesn't matter, they will stop eventually." Anne said squeezing my hand lightly over the table giving me a smile.

"thanks." I mumbled and gave her a small smile back before eating my food.


we helped clean of the table and Harry and I did the dishes. Anne just smiled as she and Robin left us in the kitchen to take a walk. I was washing of the last plate when he suddenly splashed me with the water and tried to hold back a laugh. My dress was soaking wet and the water was dripping down onto the floor.


"what the hell!" I exclaimed shocked and looked at him.

"what?" he asked acting all innocent.

"you're so dead!" I said. 

"what did I do?" he smirked knowing exactly what he did.

"you.. " I started but was cut of by the new splash of water Harry threw at me. 


I took the glass that standing next to me on the counter, filling it with the dishwater and threw it right onto Harry's face. His smirk came of as fast as it had appeared on his face just a few seconds ago. 

I refilled the glass and as I turned to threw it again Harry and stepped back and now he stood on the other side of the kitchen island making faces at me. 


"I am so going to get you!" I screamed and ran around the island to get closer to him. 


Harry saw what I was doing and ran to the other side of the counter, so basicly we just switched places. I stepped closer to the island and thew the water I had in the glass and it hit him right on his chest. 


"seriously?!" he exclaimed and looked at me.

"I don't know what you are talking about." I said walking closer to him. 


He stared at me as I walked closer. I put down the glass on the counter behind him. I looked up into his face stared back into his eyes. I smirked and leaned closer and whispered into his ear.


"You can't catch me!" 


As the words left my mouth I made a run for it. I started running out the kitchen hearing that Harry followed closed behind. I ran through the living room, passed the hallway and through the kitchen again before heading towards the bathroom and Harry's room. 


"you are so going to get it!" he shouted after me.


I looked back and saw that Harry was really close and I quickly got inside Harry's room but I wasn't fast enough closing the door and as I backed further into the room Harry stepped closer and caught me in his arms.

he started to tickle me, I felt the bed behind my legs and I couldn't stop laughing as we fell down on top of it. 

then it happened again, we kind of had a moment. As we both realized that we were laying on his bed and that Harry was on top of me our laughter died out and we stared at each other. 

Harry looked down on my lips, I bit my bottom lip and looked down on his lips quickly before looking into his eyes again. we were breathing heavily after the sprint through the 

the seriousness in the situation got even higher when we started to lean in the second time today. 


"We're back!" Anne called from downstairs. 


we both jumped of the bed and took a few steps away from each other, but we kept staring. 


"Harry Edward Styles! what have you done to my kitchen?!" Anne shouted after a few minutes when she obviously stepped into the kitchen and saw the mess that we had made. 

"Get your as down here! Now!" Robin shouted as he also stepped into the kitchen. 


Harry snapped out of the stare we had, blushing, and walked up to his dresser and took out a t shirt and a pair of sweatpants and gave them to me before he left me in his room and walked downstairs. 

I could hear how he and his mother talked softly, I couldn't hear the words just that they did. 


Harry's room was just like mine, the only thing is that his was blue, and he didn't have a fourposter bed. he had a desk that his computer stood on and his window seat was facing his garden just like mine did. 

I quickly took of my dress and put on the dry clothes that Harry had given me. I hung up the dress over the desk chair and sat down on the window seat looking out the window. 

this had been the second time we almost had kissed. we got closer this time, If we ever were to get into this situation again we would probably go through with it. We would actually kiss. I leaned my forehead against my knees and sighed.

why did I have all these emotions? Why did I suddenly find the curve of Harry's lips so fascinating? I hugged my legs as I rose my head and watched out the window. the birds were flying and the clouds were getting darker and heavier  it would probably rain later. I kept staring out the window and waiting for Harry to get back from the kitchen.



- Harry -


I couldn't believe that I almost kissed her again!


my mother was a bit annoyed by the fact that her kitchen was full av water everywhere and I was forced to clean it up as she kept giving me a speech of responsibility and respect. 

I loved my mom, I had really missed her. even the times when she was telling me of because I had done something wrong. Robin had gone into his study when I got down so it was just me and and my mom in the kitchen.


"Harry are you even listening to me?" my mother exclaimed and put her hands on her hips giving me a look. 

"yeah, sorry mom." I sighed and cleaned up the last before rinsing the cloth and turning to face her.

"Harry is something else bothering you?" she asked.

"I.. no, I'm fine." I said.


I wasn't ready to talk about it yet, and the fact that the person occupying my thoughts was upstairs and could walk down any minute to hear me before I even had figured everything out yet was holding me back. 


"you know you can always talk to me honey." Mom said.

"yeah I know." I smiled.

"okay good, make some tea and  popcorn to take upstairs with you." mom smiled back and left me alone in the kitchen. 


I made the tea and poured it into a thermos and popcorn in a bowl and put it all on a tray together with some chocolate bars and two cans of Pepsi and two cups. I made my way up to my room and when I walked inside I saw that Peyton was sitting on the window seat looking out.

She looked so beautiful, her hair was still in the bun and she looked so small wearing my clothes that obviously was to big on her. 


"hey." I said as I walked in.

"hey." she said and looked at me.


I put the tray down on the floor between the TV and the bed. Peyton got up and walked up to me.


"what are watching then?" she asked.

"I don't know, what would you like to see?" I asked her and sat down on the floor and leaned my back on the end of the bed. 

"doesn't really matter." she said and sat down next to me. 

"love actually?" I asked her and got up to start the TV and the DVD.

"yeah, that's fine." she told me. 

"Love actually it is then." I said and put the movie on and got some pillows and blankets from the cupboard before sitting down on the floor again. 


we sat in silence and watched the movie. It was just like old times, when we used to have movie nights. It was amazing how we had just fallen into our old routines like the almost kisses never had happen. the thing was that that was all I was thinking about right now, how we almost kissed and the fact how badly I wanted to kiss her now.

Peyton had her head on my shoulder and I had my arm around her shoulders, it was just like it used to be except of the butterflies flying around in my stomach. I could feel my heart pound so heard against my ribs. 


Why did I choose a romantic comedy? 


Outside it had started to rain, her phone went of when the movie finally ended. I was just about to change to the Red Riding hood.

Peyton sat up and pressed the answer button after a deep sigh.


"Hello mother."

"I'm at Harry's." 

"no, I'm staying the night, no school tomorrow."

"Anne said I could."

"thanks, bye mother."


Her conversation was short and afterwards she threw her phone lightly on the floor. thanks to the carpet nothing happened to it. 


"your mom?" I asked even though I knew that it was.

"yeah, she finally realized that I wasn't home." she sighed.

"I'm sorry." 

"at least she let me stay." she sighed again. 

"yeah." I said and got back to the floor next to her. 

"yeah." she said and we leaned back and watched the second movie.


When the movie ended Peyton was asleep on my shoulder. It was 11.45 and it was really dark outside. It still rained and the room was getting colder. 

I turned of the TV with the remote and then I got up and picked Peyton up and carried her to the bed. she stirred a bit in her sleep as I got her under the covers. I walked to the other side of the bed and got in under the covers to.

I laid on my back watching the sealing when suddenly  I felt Peyton move closer to me. she laid her head on my chest and let out a small sigh before finally relaxing. I felt her breathing and laid my arm around her making it more comfortable for us.

It was like I finally could relax and all the hours that I hadn't slept during the week, with all the work and thinking of Peyton finally got to me and it didn't take long before I was asleep too. 

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