More than this - Friendzone

He has always been my best friend, we had always made time for each other even though he goes on tour and doesn't live here anymore.
but some how something changed, I saw him differently now and I caught myself feeling something more than just friendship. Best friends don't fall in love with each other right?
but our friendship turned out to be more than that!


1. Just like any other ordinary day right?

- Peyton -

I sighed and closed the books I had in front of me. it for the last test that I would ever need to do in high school. it's only one week left to graduation and I'm so tired of school right now. I looked out the window that I sat at in the library.

Two children ran around and chased each other on the grass outside, one was a little girl of perhaps 11 years with light hair that was braided in two pigtails with pink bows. she had cut off jeans and a pink shirt with a print and she was chased by a boy of the same age. boy had similar jeans, and a dark blue shirt.
they laughed and seemed to have so much fun together. they reminded me of me and my best friend, just a few years ago we had been running around like that and played as if the day would never end.


Suddenly a blonde woman came up to the children, she smiled with her whole face and took the girl by the hand. It must have been her mother. they left all three and walked down the main street.

I looked at the clock and saw that it was almost 6:30, I packed up the books in the bag that was on the chair next to the one I sat on. I sighed and took down all the markers, post-it notes and papers and pens that I put up on the table to be able to study for the test on Friday.

Wednesday night, in other words, family nights. Mom always used to cook home made dinners on Wednesdays and then we play games or watch a movie. as long as I could remember, we always had that tradition, i don't know why though.

It's not like we are the perfect family? i guess it's a way for mom to have control and keep up the appearance of the perfect family.

I lifted the heavy book bag and started walking towards the exit. just as good to get home so I'm in time for dinner, I thought. I fished up the cell phone and car keys out of the bag when I got out in the parking lot and approached green pickup.

I opened the car with the key and threw the bag in the back seat and sat behind the wheel. Before I put the key in the ignition and started the car, I opened up the cell phone with the 4 digit code.

Up in the corner was a small letter, it meant that I had received an text. I went into the messages and saw that the text was from him, my best friend.

From: Hazza
- Hey Babe! how's the studying? miss you! can't wait until Friday. x Harry


I sighed and pressed the answer button.

To: Hazza
- Hello Harold ;) good as always. how the guys doing? miss you too! x Peyton


I liked calling him Harold, partly because I knew that he didn't like it and then because it was so funny seeing his face when I did. he always scrunched his nose when I did.

I put down the cell phone on the passenger seat, recently it had been different or difficult to talk to Harry.

He was always busy with the guys or with the tour or being in the studio to record. I ended up further down the list of priorities now. I knew that that was his job but I couldn't help feeling a bit forgotten.

I sighed again and started the car. but before I had time to pull up the handbrake and reverse, I got a new text.


From: Hazza
- They're good, tired on the bus though ;P can't wait to get home! x Harry


To: Hazza
- Haha, after 6 months together cooped up in that, I would also be tired of it! x Peyton


I put down my cell phone again and backed out of the parking lot. it took 10 minutes to get home, from the second I drove of from the library until I turned off the car after I had parked. I stepped out of the car and picked my bag from the backseat before I went down to the mailbox to get the mail.

At the same moment our neighbor across the street stepped out and did the same.

"Hey Peyton, are you looking forward to friday?" she shouted from their mailbox.
"Hello Mrs. Twist! Yes, I just texted him actually, he was homesick." I laughed and waved to her before we went to our separate houses, as soon as I stepped inside the door i heard my mother.

"Peyton Hale, You're late!" she shouted, and came out into the hall as she wiped her hands on a towel.
"With like 3 minutes, there was traffic and then I picked up the mail." I said and sighed when I dropped down the bag on the floor where it always had to stand next to the dresser in the hall and handed her the mail.
"Right. James and your father went to a football game, they are back in half an hour in time for dinner." Mom said and went back into the kitchen where I knew she would put the mail on the counter like she always did.


James is my brother, he is 5 years older than me. he goes to university studying to become a doctor.

We are fairly similar, one could take us as twins sometimes. we both have light blonde hair, dimples, blue eyes, and we are tall and skinny.

James is closer to 6,3 (191 cm), while I only measures 5,7 (173 cm). the most obvious difference is that I have boobs and curves and he doesn't. we are both interested in sports and we are like best friends.

he always looks after me. my big brother!

I always look forward to see him, he moved closer to his university and wasn't home as often anymore. so now it was just me mum and dad who lived here.

I sighed and followed her into the kitchen, it was expected that I would help her with the food, but quite honestly, I was a lousy cook and my mother is stuck in the 1950 where the wife should take care of the house and the husband is making the money to provide for the family.

That's why I just sat on the kitchen counter and pretended to be interested. I would rather have been with my father and James on the football game then here.

Dad had taken him directly from the train station and driven straight to the football game. I had always been a tomboy, never been into the girly stuff. I played in the school football team and I've always been active doing boys stuff. that's probebly why i only had manly friends. Girls my age in this town are just into doing their nails and deeling with makeup and shopping. I'm just simply not. 

"Peyton, you can set the table?" Mom said, and stir in the pots that stood on the stove.
"Okay mom." I said and jumped down from the bench and picked up the cutlery and plates and napkins to set the table in the kitchen.
"Set the table in the dining room, it's the first night James is home and he said he had some news." Mom said and started cutting vegetables for a salad.
"What kind of news?" I asked.
"I don't know, he wanted to tell us all together." Mom said.

I could tell it irritated her, she wanted to know first. she didn't like surprises. that meant she didn't have control and control was something she needed 24/7.

Suddenly the phone rang and mom dried her hands and picked up the phone and answered.


"Hale resident. Oh Anne! Yes, No, I don't think so, okay, see you tomorrow!" she said and then hung up.
"Who was that?" I asked when I came back after having to set the table in the dining room.
"Anne Twist., She asked if we would go out for lunch tomorrow." Mom said.
"Okay, the table is set now, Is it okay if I go and talk to Harry for a moment before dinner?, He said he'd call." I said, holding up my phone.
"Sure honey, but only until dinner. Since it family night." Mom said, and turned to stir the pots again.


Harry didn't really promised he would call, I just said that to avoid being in the kitchen having to have a awkward conversation about something my mother thinks is important, like witch recopies i'm going to have to learn or witch school I have to go to next year.

I rushed up the stairs and into my room. I just redecorated my room, my mother had forced me to have pink walls throughout my childhood, everything had been very pink and I hated it. but I had to let her have her way just to not make her sad.

Now it was white, the large four poster bed with a canopy, the desk and the chair, and the shoddy carpet was white. all the walls were white, except one who had a bright summer yellowy color.

I had one window in my room, the window has a window seat, one of those that you could curl up and sit on so you could sit there and read for hours.

my window faced the backyard, so I could see everything that happened in garden which was next to a forest.

I sat on the bed, unlocked the phone and went to contacts and scrolled down until I saw Harry's name. I pressed on it and waited while the signals went up.

Beep ... Beep .. Beep .. Beep .. Beep... Beep.. Beep..

"Hello?" asked the familiar voice on the other end.
"Hi Harold!" I laughed and leaned back against the pillows.
"Peyton? Everything okay?" he asked and I could hear that he was bit worried.
"It was nothing special, I just wanted to hear your voice." I sighed.
"Right? you're not just trying to avoid your mother?" Harry laughing in the other end.
"You know me to well." I sighed and ran my hand through my hair.
"Of course I do, I'm your best friend!" he said, and laughed again.


I loved Harry laughs, it always made me laugh too. I closed my eyes and tried to remember what he looked like when he laughed, the way his dimples came up and the way his eyes sparkled. I opened my eyes again and looked up at the ceiling.

"Yes, you are." I sighed and hugged the yellow bedspread that lay on the bed.
"Are you sure everything is okay?" he asked, and sounded worried again.
"Everything is fine, I promise." I said.


"PEYTON!" Mom cried downstairs from the kitchen.

"I have to go, Mom's calling, James and dad are probably home now too." I said and sat up.
"Okay, take care Pey. I'll See you on Friday. Goodbye!" said Harry.
"Bye!" I said and hung up. I left the cell phone on the bed and went downstairs to the kitchen.


Back in the kitchen mom stood, and laid up the food on some plates and at the fridge was my dad and taking out a beer. at the kitchen table sat James, looking in a magazine.

"Jamie!" I exclaimed.
"Little sister!" he exclaimed and stood up and held out his arms to me.


I screamed and jumped into his outstretched arms. He smelled like he always did, a mixture between sweat, soap and his perfume.

"Peyton, you've grown!" he laughed and dropped me on the floor.
"Jamie, shut up!" I giggled and punched him teasingly on his arm.
"Now we eat!" Mom said and we carried out all the plates into the dining room so we could sit down.


It was so quiet at first, Dad and James didn't even talk about sports. I assumed that everyone was waiting for what he had to say. I glanced at Mom and Dad who sat on each head end of the table and then at James who was sitting opposite from me. finally I couldn't stand it anymore. I put down the fork and looked at James.

"So Jamie, what is it that you want to tell us?" I asked and took a sip of water from my glass.

Mom took a big gulp of wine before she put down her silverware and folded her hands and looked at my brother. Dad cut a piece of his meat and stuffed it into his mouth and began chewing not really bothering about the thing that Jamie wants to say.

"I've met someone, and we're getting married." Jamie smiled with all of his face.

Dad was coughing and my mother gasped and then hid her face in her hands. what was it that was so wrong with that? he reached the age of 22 last month, he isn't that young?

"Jamie that's great! What's her name?" I asked and smiled at him. he needed my support now and I tried to give it to him.
"Umh, it's actually a HE. His name is Steven." Jamie said and wiped his mouth and put his napkin down on the plate.
"A He?" Mom asked, looking up at him and then at dad, she took a large sip of wine to calm herself.


Dad sat and picked at the food, he didn't look up. after a moment's silence he wiped his mouth and left the dining room without so much a word or an glance on Jamie.

"Jamie, what are you saying?" Mom asked with tears in her eyes.

I could see that she accused herself, she thought she had done something wrong, that she was a bad parent who had to be punished with her son going marry a man. I didn't know that my parents were this homophobic and I hated them for not showing Jamie their support.

"What I was going say is that I'm bisexual, I attracted to both men and women, and I fell in love with a guy named Steven., We have been together for over a year now and this Sunday he proposed to me and I said yes!. " James said simply and took a sip of water from his glass.
"My son can't marry a man! he won't marry a man, That is unacceptable!" Mom exclaimed.
"Mother!" I exclaimed, glaring angrily at her.


I couldn't understand how she could say that to her own son. I shook my head and then looked at James, he had tears in his eyes.

"Jamie? When will we see him?" I asked and put my hand over his on the table.

mom sobbed and left the room. I knew she would cry herself to sleep tonight.

"I was going to invite him down to prom, so that you all got to meet him then, But now I don't know anymore." he sighed and turned his hand up against mine so we could intertwining our fingers.
"Jamie, mom and dad will change their minds, they are probably just shocked." I said, and pressed his hand.
"I didn't plan to fall in love with a guy Peyton, it just happened, he makes me really happy." he said and smiled.
"That's whats important! if it had been up to me you could been able to marry a blue gorilla if you so wished! You will always be my big brother and I love you!" I said, dropped his hand and walked around the table and hugged him.
"I love you too little sister." he laughed and hugged me back.
"What happens now?" I asked as I sat down on the chair next to James.
"I pack enough of things and go over to Uncle Frank, He said I could sleep there."
"You had already told Uncle Frank?" I asked, feeling a little hurt that he hadn't said anything to me.
"He probably knew about Steven before I knew." he sighed and knew that I was a bit sad.
"What do you mean?" I asked and looked at him.
"Well I couldn't really talk to dad about this, but with Uncle Frank I could." he replied.


Our uncle Frank had always been by himself. 20 years ago, he married a guy named Diego. after they had been married for 5 years, Diego got lung cancer and died. Uncle Frank haven't even looked twice on anyone else after that. he always spoke warmly about the love of his life.

"Peyton, I wanted to tell you, I just didn't know how." he sighed and leaned his face in his hands.
"Jamie, it's okay. we know now." I said and put my hand on his back.
"You are the best sister a brother could ever have!" he laughed and smiled through his tears that fell down his cheeks.
"And you are the best big brother a sister could ever have!" I sobbed and hugged him tighter than before.



We sat like that for a while before James felt it was time to go. He packed a small bag and then walked out to the taxi that he had called for.
"We'll talk tomorrow." he whispered in my ear as he hugged me goodbye.


I knew my mom was standing in the window upstairs looking out, I did because I saw that Jamie looked up and waved to her.

This was just a neat family night, nothing had turned out as we expected, everything was upside down. I went up the stairs and saw mom at the window.

"I am so disappointed in you mom. He's your son how could you say that to him?" I mumbled as I stopped in front of her.
"You don't know what you're talking about!" mom sighed.
"I don't? doesn't he suit in the perfect world of yours anymore mother? Grow up and realize how much you hurt him!" I said higher this time.
"Peyton Elizabeth Hale, I'm your mother, you do not talk to me like that." Mom said and waved her finger at me.
"Mother, I love you but what you did to Jamie before. the things you and Dad did, it's unforgivable!" I said, and left her there in the hall without letting her say anything more.


I ran into my room and locked the door behind me. how did things end up like this? I'm throwing myself on the bed and felt the tears wet my cheeks again.

I felt the phone next to me and picked it up. I hesitated at first then I opened it and went into the contacts as before and scrolled down until I saw his name again. I pressed the number and waited for the second time that day that he would pick up. I glanced at the clock and saw that it was almost half past 12. but I didn't care, I needed to hear his voice. I needed my best friend to calm me down.

"Peyton 'what happened?' he answered after only two rings.
"Harry!" I sobbed and couldn't say anything else for all the crying.

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