The Quadruplet Life {A Styles Quadruplet Story.}

4 brothers, different personalities, all hot. When one becomes famous, the relationship starts fading. They were all known, but for different reasons. Some good, some bad. When the eldest comes back, all starts to change. Brothers will fight, relationships start to break, and everything good will be left in its wake. Will these brothers survive or will they perish?


1. Getting To Know The Styles' Brothers


Harry, The Pop Star

As the eldest of the four brothers, Harry Styles was known over the world for his angelic voice that won over the hearts of millions of teenagers with his acapella rendition of the Stevie Wonder hit. He had been with the four mates for three years now and they helped him ease the longing of seeing his little brothers. With the touring, concerts, fans, and other aspects, there was little time for Harry to be left the wallow the pining for his siblings. Harry may have been sacrificing time with those he had grown up with, but meanwhile he has enjoyed the company of his other brothers. The heartthrob was at the top of his game and had no intention of settling down, but life had it's way of switching things up.


Edward, The Teenage Father

After a casual hook up with some girl he met a club his elder brother took him to, Edward soon had to mature to prove to his sexual partner, Haley, that he was capable of caring for his own child that would be due in eight months time. Denying his siblings' requests to help him with his future child, Edward took the responsibility of finding a job on his own, saving his money for his baby girl. It was on July 27th that Elizabeth Anne Styles was delivered to the world and the day Edward fell madly in love with his beautiful daughter. He knew, that day forward, that girl would be the death of him, but he wouldn't mind one bit. Edward and Haley moved in a quaint flat as close friends and parents of Elizabeth. But who knew what living together would enclose.


Jasper, The Punk

Throughout his entire neighborhood, Jasper is the one fathers would keep their daughters away from and mother gossip about over their cups of tea. Jasper’s stained skin teased the girls. The snake bites he made with a safety pin lured females to inspect them closer, to near dangerously close to his lips. Jasper was the one to count on to bring the alcohol to the parties, whether he takes his parents' supply or he takes it from the local gas station. Jasper never kept his promises to all those girls he met, never called, never spoke to them again. Yet, he always was able to trick yet another girl to lose themselves in his lusty accent and sweet touch.


Marcel, The Nerd

Marcel knew what everyone classified him as, the “nerd", “geek", “loser", among other commonly used slang terms for someone of his intelligent level. Years of being bullied never put too much of a damper on Marcel. He faced each day of his life with a too big smile and maybe a too warm greeting. With each person Marcel met, he always felt compelled to put his best foot forward, hoping that maybe this person would be different, maybe this person would be his friend. But add a girl into the mix, and Marcel became a mess. His stutter increased, his pants became stained from wiping his sweaty palms on them. He hoped that one day, one of those girls who had the misfortune of being his lab partner or were forced to be tutored by him would find all these faults adorable.

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