The Styles Triplets

Harry, Edward and Marcel may all look the same, but they are completely different, especially their secrets. Baylee may look like a normal girl, but her mom passed away 6 years ago and no one knows the real reason why, until she is forced to tell the boys. Not only does she have a big secret, they all do too.


2. Chapter Two

Why do I have to move? They could've moved into our house. It's big enough for 6 people. 5 bedrooms and each one had an on suite...but no. Dad wanted to move! Having 4 people move is a lot of work, while two won't be hard. I have a lot of stuff; don't know where he got that idea.

I only had the chance to pack half of my things before dad had said that we should go and drop things off. So the rest of my things are still in my room so we need to go back and collect them later. Annoying. Hasn't dad heard the phrase, "Two trips are for the weak"?

And then there are the boys who have been helping us since the minute we got here, (note the sarcasm). Harry and Edward are gods knows where. Marcel is in his room 'studying'. I call bullshit. Summer vacation JUST started! There isn't any reason to study.

So that leaves my dad, me and my step mom... Anne. I feel uncomfortable calling her mom, and she understands. Mum had passed away 6 years ago, so I was only 11 years old. It was hard. Everyone thinks she passed away from a sudden heart-attack. So it surprised everyone because she was that one healthy lady everyone 
went to for health advice.

We had finished unloading what we had brought, and dad and I were about to go back to our hou- old house and get the rest of the boxes and allow me to finish packing. But as I was getting into the car, about to buckle up, there was a knock on the window.

"Baylee, if you want to go and start unpacking, it will be alright to do so now. Your dad and I can get the last things." Anne says politely after I opened the door, to hear her.

"It's okay," I reply politely smiling. "I've got the whole summer to unpack. I'm not in any rush."

"Are you sure? The boys are all home, you guys could bond." She said, unsure of herself. "I don't know what teenagers do these days to bond, but I'm sure the boys will be up for it. Maybe they could give you a tour! There's an idea!"

She seems so proud of herself for thinking of something. It's cute.

"One sec. Harry! Mar-" she starts but I cut her off.

"I'm sure they are busy doing something ... else. I don't want to be a bother."

"Baylee...go inside and unpack. Listen to Anne and bond with the guys." My dad says walking out with his car keys in his hand.

"Are you sure? You could always have an extra pair of hands to help." I say.

"Baylee, take your pair of hands, and use them to unpack." He says sternly. Woah, chill. I don't want you to do the dirty in our old house. But he's barely like this around me, so I listened to him for once.

"Okay, dad," I say jumping out of the car.

"Once you finish unpacking, go and talk. I want to know 5 things about each of the boys that you have learnt when you get back." Dad says. What is this? Kindergarten?

"Dylan, don't be harsh on the girl," Anne says disciplining dad. "Don't worry Baylee," she says turning to me, "just try and talk to them."

Wait, she's taking my side?! She barely knows me. I'm starting to like her.

"I'm not being harsh. I just want her to get along with the boys." He says.

"Dad, I already know the boys! Harry and I are in the same group at school. We may not talk to each other as much but that's something. Right?"

"I think that is something. Don't you Dylan?" Anne says.

Holy guacamole. I really like this lady.

"Fine. I expect one thing then!" he yells out from the other side of the car.

I start walking to the car when he calls out again, "and it can't be their names, birthdays or the fact that they are a triplet."

"Okay! Now leave." I say with a big grin.

I wave to them as the drive off. I turn and head to go inside when I see a head drop behind a bush.

I walk over to the bush to see what it was.

"Marcel?! What are you doing out here...? Aren't you meant to be 'studying'? That's what your mum told me...?"The quote with my fingers on the studying part.

"I was..." he says in his rare high pitched voice.

I shoot him a look meaning 'mmhmm'.

"I needed air so I wanted to go for a walk." He answers my facial expression.

"Then why the need to hide?" ooh! I got him. Haha.

"err...ahhh..uhmmm" he stumbles for words.

"I'm joking Marcel! Gosh, you look like I've caught you doing something unordinary." I say and walk inside.

Well, that was weird...I wonder if he is hiding something.

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