The Styles Triplets

The three Styles triplets were some of the most wanted boys in the school. Well, at least two of them were. There was Harry, charming and cheeky. Edward, your normal bad boy. Then... there was Marcel, well, he was a nerd. No matter their reputations, they were always there for each other, but what happens when the new girl turns things upside down and finds herself in... triple trouble.

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4. Wait... why is he here?

I stare down at my abundance of homework. My first day and I had homework for almost every subject! How was I supposed to know all this? I only just moved here! I just push all the books to the side and pull out my phone. Should I text Edward? Was one day too quick? Or was I waited to long? Man, I wasn't very good at this... I've never texted a guy in my life! Marcel's number caught my eye and I smiled, practice makess perfect right?

A: Hey Marc

M: Hey Ali

A: This homework is soooo hard! D:

M: I can tutour you?

Tutour me? Well, Marcel was super smart... And that algebra homework made no sense what so ever...

A: Sure! You're place in 20?

M: Cool! Bye Aleisha!

A: K, Bye x

He sent me the directions to his house and I realised he was only just down the street! Perfect! Not bothering to change out of my school outfit, I run out the house.


As soon as I knock on the door, it swings open to reveal Marcel. He pushes his glasses up the bridge of his nose and invites me inside. It was a really nice house. He offered me a drink and for a while, we just sat there talking. Not even bothering with any algebra homework. "W-we s-should get s-some work d-done" he always stumbled... It was cute in a way. I nodded and he showed me upstairs to his little bedroom.


There was a desk in the corner and double bed with a blue plaid cover matching his curtains. We ended up starting with chemistry and he just made everything so easy! We breezed through chemistry and got started on algebra when I noticed the time, it was so late! "Shit. I need to get home!" I chucked my things into my carry-on bag, hug a surprised Marcel goodbye and headed downstairs.


I hastily pull open the front door, hoping I hadn’t missed dinner when I bump into a tall figure. Marcel's dad? I look up and am met with piercing green eyes... Edward. What?

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