Brielle (Bri) Nultons has a perfect life, homecoming queen, super hot all star athlete boyfriend Harry, tons of friends, beauty, anything a girl could want. Her life turns upside down when she meets the new kid, Liam. Extremely charming, super smart, no temper. She'll be stuck in the middle full of drama, fights, romance, emotions. Who will Bri choose?


7. Meeting Liam

When Mr. Quintel pointed at him, I was dazzled. He had amazing eyes, hair, body, everything! Wait, Bri, stop, you have a boyfriend, remember? Standing outside of the doorway. "Hello, there." he said with the most perfect smile. "Good morning Liam! Brielle, this Liam Payne. Liam, this is Brielle Nultons. She will be showing you around the school today." Principal Quintel said with a cheesy smile. "Hi Brielle. You look very lovely today." he said with an adorable smile. "H- hi. Thank you. You too. I mean! What?" I said. Wow. I look like a complete idiot. But Liam just laughed and smiled. "Well, you two have fun!" Mr. Quintel said reveling his disgusting yellow teeth. And after that, I was in the hallways standing with him. Obviously Harry left because he wasn't standing there anymore, thank God. He has a temper, and he probably wouldn't be happy if he saw us together. "So, welcome to Relvan Jay High. You'll get used to the way things work around here. Before we start, these are a few rules you MUST follow or you'll face the consequences. So first, don't mess with a sports team member, unless you are one or you're really popular. Math and science nerds are on the down low, but being seen with them is okay. Drama people are cool, but if you suck at singing, dancing, or acting, then you're in trouble. So, get all that?"
"Precisely." he said smiling again.  Gosh that damn smile again! I got caught staring into them again. "Um, Bri?" he asked confused. "Oh, haha sorry." I said like a complete loser. I wonder what he thinks of me.  "Anyways, can I see your schedule?" He handed me his schedule. "Wow! You have 4 classes with me. So I guess you better get used to me!" I said. I'm not sure if I should be happy or upset. Mostly happy because he is  the sweetest boy I've ever met. But not so good because he has a class with both me and Harry. Yay?

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