She will be loved.

A cheeky, but shy girl named Ashley, wants to go out and explore the world. She's always been interested in traveling. So for her 18th birthday, she decided to go visit London for the first time! Right when she arrived in London, a boy accidently bumped into her (Just like in every other movie or book) They start talking, and before she knows it, she's in a complicated relationship with Harry Styles! The news about them goes around everywhere, and everyone suspects their relationship, but they just cover it up with saying that they're just really good friends. They fall for eachother very quickly, actually he starts to like her so much within the first day, that he ends a little thing that he had with another girl. Their love grows by the minute, and before long Harry tries to propose.. (you'll have to read on to see what happens from there) Enjoy!.x


4. Going to Harry's

I walked back to the airport which was probably 10-15 minutes away. I couldn't forget anything that had just happened. How could I not of known it was him? Maybe he liked it that way? Why in the world would he pick me? All these questions raced through my head. But now there was one that really bothered me. People knew about us.

I tried to not think about that. My first day in London and already I've managed to have coffee and makeout with Harry Styles. Wow.

My thoughts were soon stopped whenever I got to the airport. I walked into the lobby real quick, told them my name, then went straight to the car. The car was a silver civic. It wasn't anything too fancy, but I thought it was cute. As I was about to start driving, I got a text, it was from Harry!

Harry -

Hey sweetheart<3 How are you? I really just can't stop thinking about you. I know we just met and all but you're so perfect, my god. There's nothing more that I want right now other to be with you. Everything is probably just a big confusion for you right now, ya know? I promise you if anyone got pictures of us, it wont be a big deal, I'll just say you're an old friend, ok? I really want to see you soon though. I can't get your gorgeous face out of my mind. Maybe you can come over later? I promise I'm not a weirdo. The boys will all be there, and I thought it just might be something fun to do. They'd absolutely fall in love with you baby<3 I can't believe how lucky I am, I would have never guessed in a million years that something like today would happen! If you can come over, just let me know whenever you can love! Have a nice day gorgeous.x


Ahh thanks sweetheart<3 all the compliments really do mean a lot, I'm not used to be treated so nicely, you're honestly one of a kind!<3 I cant stop thinking about you, either. I haven't stopped thinking about you ever sense you left. Gah. Can you do me a favor and stop being so perfect? It would be greatly appreciated<3 But yeah, tonight sounds great! I'd love to comeover and see you and the boys! Just let me know what time and where at. I cant wait to have your lips on mine again<3 hahaha wut ;)


15567 spain road. come around 6 or 7ish? whatever is good for you princess. and I can't wait! You're Harrys girl now ;) Ahh I really like the sound of that! But I have to head back and clean up a bit, I cant wait to see you tonight princess<3 It'll be perfect, but now as perfect as you ;) yeah I know, im smooth! no need to tell me! If you need anything just text or call me baby. See you tonight!<3

I decided not to text anything back sense he said that he was going to clean up, but one thing came across my mind.. I needed to get a new outfit for tonight! I hurried and turned on my car. Where to go, where to go? I started to drive around downtown, I parked my car in an open parking place, then started looking in each store. Finally I came across a store, I cant quite remember the name, but it was full of "hipster" stuff. They were so cute. I ended up getting the outfit it wasn't anything special, but I thought it was cute and fitted the occasion. I had trouble finding my hotel, it ended up being 30 minutes away from downtown, but ahhh it was really classy. My parents made sure it had atleast 4 stars, they wanted to make sure I was in a safe environment while being away from them. I had no time to admire it, though. It was already 5, and I still had to get dressed, then try to make it on time!I hurried up to my hotel room, and quikly unzipped my suitcase, took out all my makeup, perfume, hair products, everything. Then hurried to get dressed. By the time I was all ready and dressed, my makeup looked like this & my hair looked like this . Not to sound conceited, but I felt confident about the way that I looked, I hadn't felt that way in awhile. There was only one thing left to do, put my favorite perfume on! I hurried and sprayed it 3 or 4 times, then rushed out the door. Whenever I left it was already 5:35. I put the address in my phone. For fucks sake, it was another 30 minutes away! I literally sped down the road. I put "I'll never forget you" By birdie on repeat for music. How that was my favorite song. It seemed like in no time I was there. I pulled in the drive way, it felt like a bag of rocks were on me. I had major butterflys. I couldn't even find the courage to step out of the car. But some how I did it. I was a few steps away from the door, before knocking, then harry opened the door and rushed over to me and gave me the biggest hug ever. It was the best feeling in the world. I was a lot shorter than him, so he looked down on me for a few moments, looked at my lips, then my eyes. Before I knew it, he was leaning in for a kiss. It seemed like the best kiss I've ever had. Whenever we were done, he softly bit my lip, then opened his eyes "I missed you so much already Ashley!" I kind of bit my lip "I missed you to babe" oh my god, did I really just call him babe in person, fuck my life. But to my surprise, he let out a cute little smile "Babe.. I really like the sound of that" He put my arm around his neck, then picked me up. "You're so light!" he teased. "I weigh like 120 thank you very much!" I teased back. My face was right by his face. I really tried to do that whole "cute" thing, so I kissed his cheek as he carried me inside. I saw him blush. It was the best feeling ever.

Whenever we got into the living room, he soflty sat me down on the couch. Nobody was there though. I looked kinda confused, and I think Harry caught on. It took a moment, but he finally said "The boys are probably 10 minutes away sweetheart." I smiled "It's all good babe" He sat down right next to me and put his arm around my waist and softly leaned in to kiss my neck. "You smell really good" He said in a whisper. I just smiled.

Even though we barely actually knew eachother.. I felt like I'd known him my whole life. I just felt complete whenever I was with him.. I don't know how to explain this feeling. It couldn't be love, but it felt like it was..

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