She will be loved.

A cheeky, but shy girl named Ashley, wants to go out and explore the world. She's always been interested in traveling. So for her 18th birthday, she decided to go visit London for the first time! Right when she arrived in London, a boy accidently bumped into her (Just like in every other movie or book) They start talking, and before she knows it, she's in a complicated relationship with Harry Styles! The news about them goes around everywhere, and everyone suspects their relationship, but they just cover it up with saying that they're just really good friends. They fall for eachother very quickly, actually he starts to like her so much within the first day, that he ends a little thing that he had with another girl. Their love grows by the minute, and before long Harry tries to propose.. (you'll have to read on to see what happens from there) Enjoy!.x


1. A new start.

This year has definitely been a challenge. From all the break-ups, to finishing my senior year. I just needed a break.

If I graduated with all A's and B's, my mom and dad promised me a trip to London. So of course I made sure that I would get that trip! We're not rich, if that's what you're thinking. My mom's a nurse at a children's hospital, and mom dad's an electrician, we're not poor either. I guess we're just doing ok for now. I'm an only child, so I guess that helps too.

I've always wished and dreamed of traveling all across the world. Just seeing different ways of living, and all.

Not to sound conceited at all, but I've always been labeled the "Pretty girl" I try not to flaunt it very often though, because I've rather just keep everything simple.

I'm not very tall for my age, maybe 5'3 or 5'4. I really like wearing heals, so it's an advantage.

I tend to keep to myself. I've been hurt by several people, and after awhile you just start not socializing as much. My family has definitely noticed the changes, but of course I don't tell them anything. I just simply tell them that I'm just too busy to really go out anymore. But in reality, I'm broken. But I would never let anyone know that. That's why this trip is so important to me. It will let me be alone for once. Without a care in the world. I can finally be independent for once.

I had already packed my bags a few days before, you could say I just wanted to be prepared. My trip would last for a few months. I was thinking about maybe becoming a photographer for a career, but I wasn't too sure. So this trip would maybe help me make up my mind or not. Either way this trip would benefit me a whole lot.

I leave tomorrow morning at 6 in the morning.

The only thing that I need right now is a good night sleep. I hadn't slept very much lately, I've been too stressed. But I needed to at least try.

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