That guy

Melody just moved to a new town in Texas. But she always passes this house that looks abandoned but she always see's a guy sitting in the window looking at her. He goes to her school but he never talks, and always listening to his Ipod. One day she see's him sitting all alone in the court yard. Read to Find out more.


2. bullied

Alex's pov: Why is she talking to a loser like me. I mean, I know she has seen me look at her through the window so why is she not freaked out by me? She is beautiful it is hard not to look at her when she passes by. "Well I know you have seen me looking at you through my window so why are you not scared?" I asked kind of hoping for a nice answer, but I know I most likely will not get one. "Well, I have seen you looking at me when I walk by, but you are always sitting alone, so I figured you just wanted someone to hang out with and be friends with." she smiled. Wow I actually got a nice answer. Normally a girl would have gotten me beaten up by her boyfriend already for talking to her. "Well I don't have a boyfriend, but even if I did I wouldn't make him beat up a nice person like you." she said out of the blue. "Oh crap! I said that out loud?" I asked a little mad at myself. "I don't care you're really nice, and I feel like we will get along great together." she smiled again. "You have a pretty smile." I complemented her. she blushed and looked down. "Thanks." after the pink tint left her cheeks she looked back up at me. "Let me see you time table." I said. "Here." she handed me the sheet of paper. "Wow, we have all the same classes and your locker is right next to mine." I smiled. this is the first time I actually smiled. "Great. you want to head to our lockers?" she questioned. "Sure." I smiled again. We stood up and started walking until I felt a poke in my arm. I looked down to see her looking at me. "Yeah?" I asked, looking in her beautiful brown eyes. "I wanted to thank you for being really nice to me." she looked down blushing. "It was easy to be nice to a pretty girl like you." she looked up at me and smiled. we kept walking until I got shoved into a locker by the asshole himself. "ALEX!" I heard Melody scream. I looked up at him. The jock who was always an ass to me. James. "Hey loser, why are you hanging out with this pretty thing. Did you pay her to talk to you?" he laughed. "Stop you asshole! he would never have to pay me to talk to him! but I am surprised that people talk to you? what price do you charge them?" She yelled. He hit her in the stomach. She fell to the ground and he just walked off as if nothing happened. It took me literally  half a second to come over to her. "Oh my god Melody! are you okay?" I almost cried. "Yeah im fine now that he is gone. Are you fine?"  she looked into my eyes. "Yeah. I am so sorry you had to deal with that. you should probably stop hanging out with me if you don't want that to happen." I looked down ashamed that I was the reason she got hit. "Trust me Alex, I would rather get punched and talk to someone like you, then be without you and fine." she kissed my cheek. I think im in love with her. But how do I ask her out? We walked over to our lockers and got everything out that we needed fro first period. "Well I have to go to the restroom. i'll see you in first period." I told her. "Ok. i'll save you a seat by me. " She exclaimed turning around and walking off to the classroom. I walked over to the restroom and splashed water on my face and dried it off. I turned and walked out, towards class. When I walked in I noticed Melody was surrounded by guys trying to flirt with her. I got hit with pang after pang of jealousy. "ALEX!" Melody voice chimed. I looked up to see her walking towards me, smiling. "Thank god you're here! All those guys were really getting on my nerves." she grabbed my and pulled me over to a seat that had her stuff on it. once I sat down I hung my arms next to the sides of the chairs. I noticed Melody's hand dangling beside it. I gained up enough courage and grabbed her hand. she took it and held my hand tight, and I saw a small smile pull up her lips. I think she likes me too.

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