Marcel was the nerdy kid . Getting bullied , he was used to . But falling for someone was the the hard part . Will he change In what way ? Find out in Transformed ;D



1. The New Kid

beeeep beeep beeep . I hear the sound of my alarm going off . It's time to wake up ! I look at my alarm clock 4;30 it reads . Just on time ! I get up and take a nice soothing shower . open my clean drawers and take out my beige boxers that match my trousers I look in them and they Have my name stitched in them 'Marcel Styles' . I slipped them on and then got my nice whit button up and tuck those into my boxers . Then , I put my tan / beige boxers on . Then I put my favorite light green sweater vest on . I look at my hair and it s such a curly mess ! That's terrible ! I brush my hair and slick it back nice and neatly with my gel and styling comb . I go to my dresser and slip on my glasses . They've been stepped on by so many people there was tape in the middle barely holding it together . 

"Marcel sweety ! " my mum called "Breakfast is ready ! "

"Coming mum !" I disliked my voice it was a bit nasally and kinda high . I now what happens in puberty , i've had it already , I just hoped that my voice would come with it . I put on my long tan socks and slipped on my nice brown shoes . 

I made my way downstairs to eat breakfast that my mum has prepared me . My dad left us when I was 8 but it's no problem , I help my mum afterschool at a near by bakery !

"Here Marcel , I made you some waffles " 

"Wow ! thanks so much mum " Waffles are my Favorite ! 

I ate my waffles and got my car keys to my vintage white punch buggy . I got it because I enjoyed seeing all the little kids punch their friends' arms when I pass by . I liked seeing it because i've never actually experienced it myself .

I got to my car and it took a couple of tries to get it to start up and it finally did I drove to school . It was pretty close , a little more than half a mile . But I prefer driving so I can get there early so i don't shoved and pushed around in the hall way . It happens everyday but I don't like it happening in the morning . I don't know exactly why I got to my locker and put some of my books in there for later . I collected by notebook and I went to class . As I was walking , I tripped over my own foot and fell bring someone down with me . My instincts went up in me putting my hands above my head saying "Please don't hit me ! " 

"I won't hit you silly ! " it was a girl 

she stood up and gave me a hand to help me up . She handed me my books. She was very beautiful . She had wavy brown hair , and a very bright blue pair of eyes . She was stunning .

"Hi ! I'm Georgia , Georgia Rose ! " She said sticking her hand out 

"I'm Marcel , Marcel Styles" I said sling . I shook her hand to be polite

"I'm a Junior and i'm new here . I just moved from the US because my dad got a new clinic here ! He's a dentist ! " 

"Oh that's cool ! I'm a junior too ! " I sound a little too excited 

"May I see your schedule Georgia ?" I asked politely

"Sure " she said handing it to me

"Okay we have four periods together ... English , Biology , Maths , and a free period . " I said

"Awesome ! " The bell rang signaling me to my World History class

"See you next period Marcel ! " she screamed from across the room 

"You too Georgia ! " I yelled back 

"Shut your face" Isaac said before shoving be into the wall . He went back to his little group of friends and they all started laughing and walked away .

I went to my class and sat in the front as usual . listening to the teacher talk and talk and talk . I got my notes and the bell rang signaling the next period .


One this was on my mind ...



I hope you guys enjoyed my first chapter !

I have another story it's called 'You Again ' You guys should check it out !

I love y'all and i'll update as soon as possible . 

When ; Unknown bcus I START SCHOOL TOMORROW ! -.- ugh wish me luck ! 

Nigh guuuuuuuuuys ♥

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