Marcel was the nerdy kid . Getting bullied , he was used to . But falling for someone was the the hard part . Will he change In what way ? Find out in Transformed ;D



3. Text me

*After class*

"So Marcel , I was wondering , there's a party going on at my friend Martha's house , I was wondering if you wanted to go ..."

"Uhh , sure . What do I wear ? " I asked embarrassed

"oh haha , well , it's a pool party so come in swimming trunks or your swim wear . " she said smiling

"oh uh , okay "

"Okay , Bye Marcel ! " She handed me a folded paper 

"Bye Georgia ! " I said and walked to my bug and drove home . 

I got home and kissed my mum's cheek . After , i went upstairs to do my homework , when I lifted my notebook , a paper fell out . It was the paper that Georgia gave me . I opened it , it read 

"Marcel , I really like you ! You're really sweet and you're not like the rest . If you have a phone , you should text me (***)***-*** . Haha . Okay Marcel . Right now , you're staring intensely at your notebook doing your Classwork . Text me once you get this ! 

 -Georgia xx"


She likes me ? I got up from my bed and grabbed my phone 

"Georgia? " I texted 

"That's me ! is this Marcel ? " she replied

"yes , it's me " I texted back

"Great ! So . Let me give you the address for the party tomorrow " 

"that would be great " I sent

"okay it's on floral street right by that little bakery ! "

my bakery ? "Okay great ! " I sent

"okay , Night marcel xx"

kisses ?! Do I send some hmm "Night Georgia x" I replied , one kiss , that's good right ?


Sorry if the book is crap right now , it'll get better , I promise ! ♥

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