Marcel was the nerdy kid . Getting bullied , he was used to . But falling for someone was the the hard part . Will he change In what way ? Find out in Transformed ;D



4. Party Time !

I started to get ready . I decided to go with a button up shirt , slacks with my swimming trunks under , but not my regular old brown shoes , I wore my toe shoes , brown ones of coarse  . This is my first party ever i'm pretty nervous . Hopefully I don't get beaten up ...

I started my buggy and drove to the address she gave me . Their were too many cars so I just parked by the bakery .I stated walking towards the house . I saw many teens on the front lawn . Some were making out and some were just throwing up . YUCK . I walked in and I immediately smelled the alcohol and sweat from all the people grinding in here . I make my way to the little island by the kitchen and spotted Georgia . Wow , she looked pretty . 

"Hi there georgia " I said to her

"Oh Marcel ! " She said putting her drinks down "So glad you could make it "

"i'm glad to be here " I replied

"Awesome "she said and I could smell the beer from her breath . 

she started giggling uncontrollably . 

"Um Georgia ? " I asked 

"yes babe ? " she said looking at me 

"Uhh . A-are you d-drunk ?" I asked 

"Juuuuuust a little " she said showing her thumb and pointer finger to make it a little . 

"oh "is all I said

"Okay Marcel , I am . Now you can go ahead and grab a drink . The bathroom is down the hall where you can change to your swim suits , i'll meet you in the pool okay ? " she said 

I started walking away 

"Marcel !" she creamed after me 

"Yes " I said turning around

She grabbed my arm and brought our bodies together . She placed her hands around my body and I did the same at her waist . When she finally let go I felt sad 

"Be safe okay ? " She said 

"Okay ? " I replied confused now I know she is REALLY drunk .

I went into the bathroom and took off my trousers revealing my black trunks . I put on my muscle shirt because I didn't like showing my body off . I started walking back to the pool and that's when I saw it . 

Georgia and George sucking faces . 

George was my bully . He would always pick on me whenever he had the chance . Oh how I hated him !

They finally broke from their face contact and Georgia turned her head and looked at me . I had tears brimming in my eyes . 

"MAR-" I put my hand up and shook my head . 

I collected my things and went to my car . I put down the sun blocker and opened the mirror to look at myself . 

She wants a bad boy ? I'll giver her one ..


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