She's Not Afraid.

about a girl named Audrey, who has been abused most of her life. one day Harry finds her beaten up in the park and takes care of her. she doesn't really like him at first, but she begins to trust him, and starts to like him, but does he like her as much as she likes him?


76. Chapter 76

Harry's POV

We arrived at the restaurant and got out of the car. I grabbed Audrey's hand as we walked through the parking lot to the entrance. Once we got to the entrance I let go of her hand and opened the door for her. I took her hand again once she walked inside. 

Audrey and I were waiting behind another couple as they were talking to the lady in front of them to get a table. The couple looked about in their mid thirties, probably married. The girl had short brown hair, ending around her shoulders and was wearing dark jeans and a flowing top. The guy had brown hair as well with a few pieces of grey hair and had on jeans and a white shirt.

I heard the girl sigh and turn around while the guy stayed facing the desk. She stopped once she noticed we were behind her and put a smile on her face.

"How are you both tonight?" she cheerfully asked.

"Good," Audrey and I both said.

"Are you both brother and sister or are you here on a date?" she asked.

I gave her a confused look and looked down at my and Audrey's intertwined hands, and then looked back up at her.

"A date?" I said to her, more of a question than a statement.

She opened her mouth to speak but was cut of by her husband.

"They don't have any tables left,” he told her.

She sighed, "Well okay, lets go then." she said.

Audrey and me then walked up to the desk. I was beginning to speak to the lady behind the desk when the guy from a few seconds ago spoke up.

"Didn't you hear me lad? They don't have any tables left." he said to us,

I cringed at the sound of his voice, hearing it clearly now it had a resemblance to Audrey's dad's voice.

I think Audrey noticed to, because I noticed her tense up. I squeezed her hand to let her know its fine and that her dad isn't here, and isn't coming anywhere near her.

"I made a reservation," I told him.

He nodded while him and his wife stuck around. I was confused as to why they were so interested in talking to Audrey, and me and why they hadn't left yet. I felt like their eyes were just staring straight at us, not even bothering to blink. 

I brushed it off and gave the lady behind the desk my name as she scrolled through the computer. As she was doing that, the husband and wife walked up to us again.

"Hey," the guy began to speak in his rough voice.

"We've been waiting awhile to come eat here, so would it be to much trouble if we could eat with you?" he asked.

"Mark," the girl whispered harshly, and she lightly hit his arm, scolding him.

"Just go with it," I heard him quietly whisper to her.

"So?" he asked, waiting for my answer.

"I-I don't know," I said.

"Please, we have been waiting such a long time," the guy pouted like a little boy, as his wife stayed quiet.

I looked over at Audrey, but she didn't notice she was to busy watching them, and her face looked like she was thinking hard about something.

"Um, yeah I it's fine," I hesitantly said.

He thanked me as a waiter came over and led us to the table.

"Are you okay?" I asked Audrey, whispering so only she could hear.

"Yeah, I'm fine." she answered.

"You sure?" I asked.

"Yeah, I'll tell you later," she said.

I just nodded even though I really wanted to know what was bothering her. It was probably the husband and wife, but she looked like something was bothering her before they asked to sit with us. I still can't believe I'm letting them share the table with us.

The waiter arrived at the table and placed menus out for us. She asked us what we wanted to drink and we all told her as she scribbled it down on her tiny notebook before leaving.

"Well I feel we should introduce ourselves," the girl said.

"I'll go first," she began, "My name is Lori, I'm married to this mess of a person," she joked pointing to her husband as he laughed.

I was happy we were keeping the introduction simple; I really didn't want to go in depth about telling two strangers about myself.

"Well, I'm Mark, and I am married to this beautiful lady," he smiled, and then looked at me.

"Um well I'm Harry." was all that I said.

"I'm Audrey," she simply said.

Lori was about to protest I'm guessing about how we should say more, but the waiter arrived with our drinks. None of us knew what we were going to get to eat, so the waiter told us he'd come back.

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