She's Not Afraid.

about a girl named Audrey, who has been abused most of her life. one day Harry finds her beaten up in the park and takes care of her. she doesn't really like him at first, but she begins to trust him, and starts to like him, but does he like her as much as she likes him?


62. Chapter 62

Harry's POV

I hardly got any sleep last night. My mind kept me up with numerous thoughts swirling through it. I got out of bed, and headed to the bathroom to wash my face and tame my curls. As I was walking down the hallway, I saw Audrey coming out of the bathroom.

"Good morning Audrey." I said getting her attention.

"Good morning she mumbled back.

"How'd you sleep?"

"Good." she said.

I knew she was lying though. She obviously didn't sleep well, probably for the same reasons as me. But I didn't comment on that, instead I just agreed with her.

After a few minutes of talking, we were in an argument. Again all the blame was pointed at me, even though it wasn't all my fault, if Zayn would just mind his own damn business and stop trying to win over Audrey, none of this would have happened. 

"I just don't want him to take you away from me." I said.

"I know Harry, but I'm not yours right now, and I'm not his." she told him.

"I know, I just don't want him to get you." I replied.

"You know what? You're just like Zayn. You both think this is some type of game. And you know what? Its not!" she snapped at me.

I didn't say anything. What could I say?

“Also whoever said I liked Zayn, just because I'm going to dinner with him, doesn't mean we are going to start dating each other." she finished.

I couldn't think of anything else to say to her, I knew she was right. I was also terrified if I did say something, it would be the wrong thing to say, and just make the situation worse.

After I didn't say anything, she just turned around and walked away. I don't blame her; I wasn't going to say anything important or meaningful at the moment. I let out a long sigh and opened the bathroom door and walked in. I decided to take a shower to cool off some and think about things.

Audrey's POV

After I left Harry in the hallway, I walked into the kitchen. I knew Anne would me in there, already up making breakfast. I was surprised when I walked in, and she wasn't there. I just shrugged to myself and got a granola bar out of the pantry and poured myself a glass of orange juice.

I figured it would be ok if I ate this is the living room, I just felt like sitting on the couch to eat at the moment instead of the kitchen table. I walked out of the kitchen and into the living room. I stopped once I looked up and saw Anne sitting on the couch watching some morning talk show on TV.

"Good morning Audrey." she said to me directing her attention away from the TV and on to me.

"Good morning." I replied.

I realized I was still standing up, so I walked over to the recliner and sat down.

"Sorry I didn't make breakfast this morning, I just wasn't up for it today." she said.

"Oh no, its fine you already cook so much. I'm good with this." I said smiling, and gesturing to the granola bar and orange juice.

She nodded and smiled back.

"So you excited for your date with Zayn tonight?" she asked.

"I wouldn't really consider it a 'date' but honestly I'm having mixed emotions about it." I told her.

"I don't blame you." she said agreeing with what I said.

"Do you think I should just go on the date with Harry instead? I mean sure he doesn't really deserve for me to go to dinner with him over Zayn, but he really does seem upset about it. I also don't like being mad at him so much, and I guess he's only reacting like anyone would to this situation, just with a little more of a bad temper." I said.

"I get where you're coming from Audrey, you don't like being angry with him, and you can forgive him if you fell that’s right, there is no problem with that. But what he did at the cafe was wrong, and how he reacted to this whole situation was wrong." she began.

"I just think you should go on that 'date' with Zayn, and let Harry suffer for a bit." she said and smiled, with a tone of joking at the end.

"Yeah, I guess you're probably right." I said.

"And who knows, you may end up liking Zayn." she suggested.

"Doubt it." I said and leaned back in the recliner.

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