ok so this is about a 16 year old girl named shianne and her bestfriend named leyla they both get kidnapped

love me


2. The Cry For Help

Shiannes Pov:

ok calm down think happy thoughts me making out with the liam james payne yes I check and boom five boys I was scared they go to my door KNOCK KNOCK (scary creep voice) quickly running upstairs I go to the quickest room of course im home alone I call leyla again no answer! my parents wouldn't answer  im dead

                                                                       5 minutes

 I think im safe about to come out from under the bed and then I hear walking up the stairs!

Of course at this time my phone rang im screwed. they heard the noise and started walking to my room I hang up the phone it was too late they got in but they luckily didn't find me


Liam: I don't think she's here lads we will come back again (he said angrily)





sorry it was short wait for more !!

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