ok so this is about a 16 year old girl named shianne and her bestfriend named leyla they both get kidnapped

love me


1. stalked

Liam Pov: omg guys they all look up (harry niall Louis zayn)and say ''what'' in sync ?

Liam: theirs this one girl in my dreams she is so pretty! I think I like her !

Harry: "me too she is amazing I feel like I like her but I don't even know her :(


(few hours later)


*shianne pov* LEYLA!! I left a voice mail because she didn't answer of course! (2 hours later)

*ring ring ring ring  ri* hello?

leyla: what was so important that you just had to interrupt me stalking one direction?

shianne: sit down you might fall if you don't ready?.....I GOT FRONT ROW TICKETS TO SEE ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!

Leyla: stop fucking around

Shianne:no come over know one's home

Leyla: can't sorry

Shianne : ugh why?

leyla: same know one Is home

Shianne:grr why are you knocking on my door (giggles)

Leyla:im not?

Shianne:well gotta go then to check this out!

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