Try Hard // h.s

Melanie had to get away from her disturbingy abusive home. Far away. When she runs away to the airport, flying to London, England, with no home to go to, she comes across a rather familiar looking passenger. Harry Styles. Will she finally have a place in London to stay? Will she fall in love with her new best friend?

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1. The Family

Melanie was 18 years old and lived in South Carolina, United States. She had a brother, 15, that she loved very much, and a sister, 22, who had moved out years ago and was now engaged and has a 2-year-old son. Melanie and her parents didn't quite get along that well. They were always screaming at her and hitting her like she was some sort of punching bag. She had always gone to school with bruises on herself for as long as she could remember and her teachers were always concerned, but she had always lied and said that she had fallen.

When Melanie turned 15, she began to cut herself and trying to committ suicide because she felt unwanted, unloved, and neglected by more than just her family. A year later, she began working a job, making enough pay that would enable her to devise a plan of leaving the country by herself when she was old enough. She had always thought that London was the most amazing place, but nobody knew because nobody talked to her. It was just her own secret.

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