Try Hard // h.s

Melanie had to get away from her disturbingy abusive home. Far away. When she runs away to the airport, flying to London, England, with no home to go to, she comes across a rather familiar looking passenger. Harry Styles. Will she finally have a place in London to stay? Will she fall in love with her new best friend?

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16. Another Chance- Part 2

*10 months later*

Harry and I have spent so much time together. I've gone with him to the studio, watching him record and shoot the videos. He's taken me to an amusement park a few times when he was free. We've gone on a few dates. We've spent so much time together and I think that we may both be over the miscarriage now.

Harry and I are at the studio because they're recording 'Little Things'. The boys sing the song so beautifully and I cry every time they sing it. The song means so much to me, especially knowing that Harry wrote his solo about me.

The boys are taking a break and Harry walked over to me and wrapped his arms around my waist.

"Louis is staying with the boys tonight. We'll have the house to ourselves." He whispered seductively into my ear.

"Mmm, sounds fun." I smiled.


When Harry and I get home, he immediately pushes me up against the wall after closing the door behind us. He starts kissing my jawline and neck, making me moan. His hand slides inside my shirt and he grips my side tightly. I groan.

"You have no idea how much I want you right now." He whispers.

I groan. "Maybe as bad as I want you."

He groans and rips my shirt off of me, along with my bra. I rip his shirt off and he presses his skin against mine. He reaches beneath my skirt and grabs the hem of my pink lace thong, sliding it down my legs. He drops his pants and boxers to his ankles before stepping out of them and lifting my skirt up, laying me down on the floor and thrusting into me, hard and deep, making me groan loudly. He stills for a moment before moving again, thrusting into me each time with the same force and roughness that he began with. My legs become extremely loose and my muscles tense as I try to hold in my orgasm.

"Har-Harry, I-" I begin but cannot find the words.

He leans in towards me and whispers in my ear. "Cum for me, babe."

And I break, relaxing my muscles as I release around him. His thrusts become sloppier before he stills for a moment, releasing inside of me before collapsing onto me.

Our breaths are uneven as we lay there for seconds, minutes, hours.

"That was-" I breathe.

"Yeah." His breath has finally caught up with itself as his heart beat steadies.

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