Double Identity

Brooklynne moved from her small town school to a big high school after her parents struck it rich. She had to leave all her real friends behind and now make new ones. Will this be an easy task or will the Styles twins prevent this from happening?


9. 9


   Marcel stood up, "Harry get out" "No marcel just listen to me" "If you wanted to talk why did you break the door" "Because i knew you wouldnt let me in" "What do you want" "Ok listen i feel bad now ok, louis left and after i put my clothes on i got to thinking and im sorry" marcel just stood there looking at harry, "Go home i'll be there later" harry nodded and left, "Come on lets go down stairs" we went downstairs and sat on the couch, "I'll go fix the doors" i nodded and he went into the garage to get tools then went upstairs. I turned the Tv on and watched sponge bob, Yes i know its a childrens show but i like it. Marcel came back and hour later shirtless. He put the tools away and wiped the sweat off his forehead,"Geez its hard to fix doors" i laughed a little and starred at his finely toned abs. "Marcel your abs...Geez" "I found that if i work out i can take beatings better" that made me sad to think of anyone beating marcel up. His hair gel was starting to come out and his hair was starting to curl. "Does your hair curl too?" "Yeah if it wasnt for all his tattoos harry is my mirror image" "Wow" he grabbed my hand and put it on his abs, "I know you want to" i traced his abs with my fingers and ran over a lot of huge bruises making him jump a little. I felt up by his ribs and pushed down, "OW" he jumped, "Marcel i think your ribs are broken" "No no im fine" "No im serious we need to go to the hospital" I got up and went to my room, i put some of my clothes on and went back down stairs with marcels vest and button up shirt in my hand. "We need someone to take us" "I have a friend who could, hes my only friend but he can help" "Call him" he got out his phone and called his friend. "He'll be here soon" i went and got and ice pack and put it on his ribs, "Hold that on there ok" "Why do you care about me so much" i sat next to him and looked at his face which was also bruised, "I dont know" he leaned in and kissed me, "Why didnt you tell me your ribs hurt?" "Im not used to anyone but my mom caring about me" why was he spilling his depressing life stories?!?!? The door bell rang and i answered it, "Is marcel here?" "Yeah im brooke" "Im liam" i shook his hand and he came in, "He broke his ribs because louis pushed him down the stairs" he helped marcel out to his car in the passengers seat and i sat in the back. "You said your name is brooke right?" "Yeah" "What happened to your wrists" "Lets not talk about that" marcel said in a serious tone, "ok" we rode the rest of the way in silence.


   I had a plan. I wasnt really sorry. I knew what i had done and i dont care. I had to make marcel think i was sorry, i know louis wasnt going to help me anymore but i can do it myself. All i have to do is get brooklynne alone and marcel out of the picture. After he sent me home i began formulating my plan and let me tell you now its a good one.


   Liam drove us to the hospital and the nurse wrapped my ribs in gauz, turns out i broke 3. Brooke and liam were in the waiting room. "Are you ok?" she said standing up, "Yeah i only broke 3" "Marcel you say that like its a good thing" "Well i mean ive broken more" she carefully hugged me and i kissed her forehead. "Mrs. Thompson come with us please" "Whats going on?" i asked confused, "Liam thought i needed to be checked out because of my wrists" "Ok" i sat next to liam and she left. "What happened to her wrists" he asked, "Harry" "Oh" liam was a nice guy, he was popular but he wasnt a long time ago. He's been my secret friend forever but it has only been secret since freshman year. "Marcel im sorry i dont hang out with you more and stick up for you" "Its ok im ok on my own" "No you arent your own brother even bullies you" "I know" "Things will be different marcel i promise" 


   The nurse took me back to the room and i sat on the table in the middle of the room. "Ok miss thompson how did this happen?" "Can we just not talk about it" her expression got soft, "Its ok sweetie it'll get better please dont do this to yourself" i think she thinks i cut myself, "No no no i dont cut myself" "Ok sugar" i dont think she believes me. She washed them out with alcohol and yes it burned, then she wrapped them in a bandage. "Ok sweet pea change these every 4 hours and put some neosporin on them ok?" "Alright thank you" i left the room and we all left going back to my house.

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