Double Identity

Brooklynne moved from her small town school to a big high school after her parents struck it rich. She had to leave all her real friends behind and now make new ones. Will this be an easy task or will the Styles twins prevent this from happening?


7. 7


   I was talking to brooklynne today and she sent me to the office. No body sends harry styles to the office. She will pay for this.


   "HONEY IM HOME" i heard harry slam the back door and stomp up the stairs, "Its ok the door is locked" brooke said with not much confidence. "That wont stop him, get in the closet and lock the door" "Marcel n-" "GO" she was shocked at me yelling but i dont want her to get hurt, she nodded and went into her closet and shut and locked the door just about the time harry kicked the bedroom door in. "WHERE THE FUCK IS SHE" "She isnt here" "MARCEL IM NOT FOOLING AROUND" "Neither am i" he grabbed the collar of my shirt and lifted me a couple inches off the ground, "Damn it marcel i dont want to hurt you. Where is she." "Not here" he threw me down and i hit the floor pretty hard. While i was laying on the ground Louis came in. Harry picked me up. "Ok marcel you have two options, see i brought me lad louis here to help me, you can tell me where she is the easy way or we can do it the hard way, your choice" i knew he didnt want to hurt me, i mean he's my brother, but louis on the other hand would. "Where is she" harry asked, "Not here" that started the fight. Louis came after me and harry just stood there. Louis punched me and dropped me to the ground pretty quick, i could take harry, i've been fighting with him for 19 years, i just couldnt take louis. When i was on the ground he kicked me, "ALRIGHT BROOKLYNNE DO YOU HEAR THAT LOUIS BEATING MARCEL COME OUT COME OUT WHEREVER YOU ARE" "NO BROOKE DONT IM OK" harry glared at me, he looked at louis and nodded and louis picked me up by my shirt collar, "ALRIGHT BROOKLYNNE MARCELS GOING TO HAVE A LITTLE ACCIDENT" they took me outside the room and to the top of the stairs, "BROOKLYNNE NOWS THE TIME" "NO BROOKE" louis was about to shove me down the stairs and brooke came out of her room, "NO dont please dont hurt him" "BROOKE RUN" "No marcel they'll just hurt you" i wish she would just listen to me i will be fine. Harry walked over to brooklynne and despite the 'come out and he's saved' thing louis still shoved me down the stairs. "NOOOO" brooke was screaming and crying. Im pretty sure i took that shove well i mean i was alive at the bottom of the stairs. I mean bruise wise i probably looked pretty beat up but i mean i felt fine. But as i stood up i became dizzy, and brooke's voice was slowly fading and thats when i blacked out.


   "MARCEL NOOO" he passed out at the bottom of the stairs. Now i knew there was no hope for me. "MARCEL GET UP COME ON" i was crying and wishing he would just get up and come save the day. I looked at harry, "Look a what you've done to your brother! He looks up to you to protect him and this is how you repay him?!? Some brother!" "Lets not talk about me lets talk about you, you're going to pay for sending me to the office" "Harry please dont hurt me and dont make louis do it either" he smiled, "Oh but remember little girl, you dont understand you dont have a choice, theres two of us and only one little you." he smiled and louis laughed, an evil laugh. Then i knew what he wanted.

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