Double Identity

Brooklynne moved from her small town school to a big high school after her parents struck it rich. She had to leave all her real friends behind and now make new ones. Will this be an easy task or will the Styles twins prevent this from happening?


31. 30


 "Marcel do not take all the blame for this ok? Dont let it get to you" I held the positive test in my hands looking at it one last time before throwing it away. "Brookelynne Im so sorry i-" "No dont be sorry" I hugged him and he put his head in my shoulder, "This is a good surprise in a way" "In what way" "Well now we get to experience a whole new adventure together" "Yeah but ive just turned 19 and you're just about to turn 18. i've ruined your teen years." "What teen years? The ones of getting endlessly bullied, Marcel you are the only ray of sunshine in my life. I know its not as bad as it was but it still happens" "I know" he ran his fingers through the back of my hair, "And you know it'll get worse when people find out about the baby" "I know" "But its not your fault, its just been that way" "I know" he comforted me more with a few quick forehead kisses here and there still wrapping me up in his warm arms. 


 "Ok lets call our mums at the same time" I handed her phone to her and she nodded, "Alright, go" she dialed her mum and I dialed mine. "Hello?" "Mum I have something to tell you" "What baby?" I sighed, "Mum..." I hit the end call button and took brooke's phone away and did the same. "What?" "We need to do this in person" she nodded and put her phone in her pocket. "We'll just leave everything here, the stuff I bought i mean" "But you paid for it" "I know we just need to check-out and go home" she nodded and I took her hand.


 "Mum brooke's pregnant" Her and Harry just starred at us. I squeezed brooke's hand, "Are you sure mate?" "She took the test earlier" he ran his hands through his curls, "Honey have you told your mum?" my mum asked brooke, "Not yet" she said quietly, "Im not judging you love I support you and Marcel ok?" "Thanks mum" "We better go" Brookelynne says standing up, "I might be back mum" I said following brooke out of the house to hers. 

"Mom I have something to tell you" "Whats wrong?" I squeezed brookes hand again for support and she took a breath, "Mom im pregnant" she had the same expression as my mum did. More shock than anything else. "We want to move into the apartment you offered and i'll drop out" "What about your education" "I'll get my GED" "Ok sweetheart" she hugged her and I took a deep breath. Im about to be the father of a child. A real child. 


"Mum he's going to be a dad" "I know sweetheart" "Damn" "Harry" she snapped, "Sorry" I went up to my room and went back to bed and my phone buzzed on the night stand. FROM:Louis :Sorry if things were a bit awkward when we were out drinking: I smiled a bit and unlocked my phone to reply, :Hey its quite alright: there was about a 10 minute wait for the next text. :You want to hang out for a bit tomorrow?: :Sure mate, my place?: :Sure babe: I looked at the text a minute and sat up, "Shit" I put my hand on my forehead still looking at the screen waiting for the new message currently being typed to pop up. :Sorry mate, auto correct is fucked up haha: I kept looking at the message unable to stop thinking about it. It couldnt have been an auto correct mistake. What the fuck could he have typed to get babe? "Jesus Christ" maybe im just over thinking it. :Haha its alright, see you tomorrow then: No reply came afterwards leaving me to my thoughts. 


:Sure babe: I sent it before I read it and realized what i've done. "Oh damn it" I said throwing my phone onto the bed and standing up rubbing my face, "You've blown it mate" I said looking at myself in the mirror. Now that he knows about me it makes slip up like these more awkward and obvious. "Fuuuck" I picked my phone back up and blamed it on auto correct. He didnt reply for a good 10 minutes after that. "Way to scare the hell out of him Tomlinson" I pealed my shirt off and got into bed covering myself up not interested in what he had to say in return. I cant fucking go over there tomorrow. I've made to big of a fool of myself. Damn it. 

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