Double Identity

Brooklynne moved from her small town school to a big high school after her parents struck it rich. She had to leave all her real friends behind and now make new ones. Will this be an easy task or will the Styles twins prevent this from happening?


30. 29


 I dont know when I fell asleep but apparently I did. I woke up in alone. I sat up and the Tv was still on but Marcel wasnt here. I swung my feet over the side, standing up and walking over to the table by the window where a little note sat. 'Went out for some fever reducers, dont know if you're actually sick but you felt a bit warm. XxX Marcel' I smiled and sat the note down going back to my spot on the heart shaped honeymoon bed. 

 I watched TV for about ten minutes then Marcel walked in with grocery bags on his arms. "I thought you said you were going out for medicine" "Well hello sleeping beauty, I just got a few extras" he sat the bags down and I got up and walked to him giving him a hug, "Thanks babe" I said kissing his cheek. I looked through the bags which contained medicine, some anti acids, chocolates, and some chips. Except one bag which contained a rather odd content, "Marcel why is there a pregnancy test box in here?" "Ok i know its weird but hear me out ok? I went and asked the pharmacy people what i should get you for your nausea and the lady asked me some questions and i told her what you did and she just suggested these" "Im not pregnant, when did we even do it?" "See i thought that too but about a month ago we did and if you remember correctly we did without protective measures" well shit. I remember that. "Marcel what if im pregnant" "Then I will be there for you every step of the way. I'll do whatever it takes to keep you happy" he took my hand and kissed me, "I love you no matter what ok?" "I love you too" I took the box and sighed and went into the bathroom. What if im really pregnant. Im only 17. 


 Louis and I waited a couple hours to go home to sober up a little but more. "You feeling ok to drive?" I asked, "Uh yeah i think im good" I sat up and ruffled my hair back into place and walked to the passengers side and got in. Louis followed and got in the drivers seat, "Are you sure you feel ok?" I asked him again making sure we would actually make it home, "Yeah yeah im fine, my last drink was what, 4, 5 hours ago?" "Alright take me home Tomlinson" he laughed a little and started the car for the short drive home. 

 "Alright here we are, Styles residence, home of a Mr. Harry Styles" I laughed, "Thanks man" he smiled, "No problem mate" I starred at him for a second, "Erm are you going to get out?" he asked with a laugh snapping me out of my gaze, "Oh yeah sorry, night man, be careful on your way home" "Night" he looked like he wanted to say more but he didnt so i stepped out of the car slightly embarrassed that i was just caught starring at my best friend, and waved as he pulled out of the driveway and I went inside. What is wrong with me. Maybe theres still some alcohol in my system. Yeah, thats it. 

 When I went up to my room I took my shirt and pants off throwing them into the laundry basket and laid down to think. I like girls. How could I not i've slept with so many but did I love them all? Did I care about a single one of them? Not really. Every time I got into a relationship Louis would always hate whoever it was. The funny thing I actually cared about his opinion, but a while back he helped me take advantage of Brookelynne and looked like he enjoyed his doings. Maybe be was just trying to hide it from me.  


 I took brookelynes phone from the nightstand and called her mom, "Hey erm Brookelynne wont be home tonight" "Ok sweetie thanks for calling me" "No problem" "Bye bye" "Bye" I hung up and put her phone down then took my phone and called my mom, "Mum im not coming home tonight" "Why not?" "Mum come on you know why" she laughed a little, "Ok baby thanks for calling me" "Bye mum" "Bye sweetie" I hung up and sat the phone down and brookelynne came out of the bathroom. "So?" "It takes 10 minutes to get results" I met her half way and hugged her resting my head on hers, "I love you" "I love you too Marcel" she rubbed my back and I kissed her forehead. "My mom said she wants to buy us an apartment so we can live together and go to college together or work whatever we choose" I stepped back, "What?" "Yeah I was going to tell you later but theres more important things on the line now" "This is so awesome what do you think about it?" "Im up for it if you are" "Of course I am" I hugged her again. This is the best birthday ever. Minus the possible pregnancy part. 


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