Double Identity

Brooklynne moved from her small town school to a big high school after her parents struck it rich. She had to leave all her real friends behind and now make new ones. Will this be an easy task or will the Styles twins prevent this from happening?


26. 26


   After mom got the take out we ate it in the living room and talked and laughed and had a really good time. "Marcel do you live here now?" my mom asked. He laughed, "No unfortunately not i have a family at home that needs me" "Well as you know you're welcome here anytime" "Thanks".

   After dinner he stayed over for awhile but left at about 8 and text me until 11. "Brookelynne come here" my mom yelled from downstairs. I put my phone on my side table and walked downstairs, "Whats up" "Well you know your birthday is coming up" "Yeah" "You'll be 18" "Yes mom i know" "And you'll be graduating" "Yeeess" "And well you know Marcel already practically lives with you anyways" "Mom what are you saying" "Well theres some nice apartments just not to far from here" 

"Mom" "No listen i think it would be a great real world thing for you guys and you can come home whenever you want to visit me" "MOM THIS IS AWESOME" i hugged her."Its funny because Marcel and I were just talking about moving somewhere and being close lets me not miss home that bad and i can see you everyday" "Its a perfect plan and im glad you agreed and i can pay for it until you guys get on your feet and feel comfortable going to work or college whatever you want" "Mom this is so wonderful i love you so much" i hugged her again and went back upstairs for bed so eager to tell Marcel tomorrow. 


 When i went home everyone was watching TV. "Hey i almost forgot we had two kids" mum said, "Sorry" "No no its good" "Harry can i talk to you for a minute?" "Yeah sure" he got up and followed me upstairs to my room and he sat on my bed while i sat at my desk chair, "Whats up bud" "Harry we're about to graduate you know" "Yeah" "And i want to go off to college" "Then do it" "but i dont want to leave brookelynne behind" "Take her with you" "She doesnt want to leave" "Sounds like you're in a pickle then bud" "And you know we'll be 19 in like 2 days and she'll be 18 in like a week" "So" "I want to marry her" "Woah woah are you sure about this marriage is forever Marcel you have to really really love her" "I do Harry i want to keep her forever" "Thats a commitment Marcel" "I know" "You know how it worked for mom and dad" "Yeah but mom and Robin love each other" "They're a bit older than you, er, us" "I know but i love her" "Do whatever you think is right, im on your side" "Thanks Harry" "No problem" he left and i sat on my bed thinking. I wish we could just graduate tomorrow. And be 19 tomorrow. Two days isnt bad though. 


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