Double Identity

Brooklynne moved from her small town school to a big high school after her parents struck it rich. She had to leave all her real friends behind and now make new ones. Will this be an easy task or will the Styles twins prevent this from happening?


25. 25


   Its been about a month and things have been pretty quiet. Marcel and I still love each other and he doesnt get bullied as much at school anymore with harry and i's help. Niall found himself a nice pretty girl named Yajaira and Liam found a pretty one as well. Louis quit being such a huge duche bag to Marcel and everyone else along with harry so he found himself a girl, Madison whos personality fits him well they get along like nobody i've ever seen but Zayn hasnt quit being a duche bag so he doesnt have any takers and Harry's just kind of out there, he doesnt really want to date right now but he acting like more of a good brother and over all good person. "Hey babe what do you want for dinner moms asking" i said standing in front of Marcel, he grabbed my waist and pulled me forward and started kissing my neck, "Can i just eat you?" he hit my sweet spot sending a shiver down my back, "N-no" i pulled back and looked at him, "You have to eat real food" "No i dont" he said with his hands slowly making there way up into my shirt. I smiled and stopped them, "Yes you do" he sighed, "Whats the choices?" "Pizza or Take out chinese" "Take out" "Alright" i stood up and went in the kitchen that we remodeled, "Take out mom" "Alright baby" my mom is the best mom in the world. My dad was just a jerk. "Marcel and I are going to my room ok?" she looked at me and raised her eye brows, "Keep the door open i mean i know you guys do it but not while im here" i laughed, "Mom what the heck" she smiled, "Well just being honest" i hugged her, "Thanks mom" i walked into the living room and ran my fingers through Marcels gelled hair, "Come on lets go upstairs" "Oh yay" he stood up, "No not for that mom wants the door open" "Darn" he smiled and took my hand, "After you my lady" i led him up the stairs and into my spacious room and onto the window seal that was a bench type bed deal. He sat down and i sat on his lap and we looked out the window to the field behind the across the street houses, "We'll have land like that out in the country one day" "Who said we?" he laughed, "I did" "Good i agree" he squeezed my hand, "Maybe we should run away" "Why?" "To get away from everyone" "You dont get bullied anymore" "I know but wouldnt you just like to breathe and have peace and quiet?" "Yeah but i love my house and my mom and i know Anne loves you" "I know" "Some day we will though" "After we graduate" "Yeah" "But for know we have each other" "Good" "Where would you be without me?" "Dead" "What no you wouldnt" "Yes i would i was so sick of people bullying me i was going to end it" "Marcel are you serious" "Yes. You not only made my life better, you made my life well keep going" i turned around and hugged him wrapping my legs around his waist and burring my face in his shoulder, "Im glad you're alive" "Me too" 

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