Double Identity

Brooklynne moved from her small town school to a big high school after her parents struck it rich. She had to leave all her real friends behind and now make new ones. Will this be an easy task or will the Styles twins prevent this from happening?


23. 23


   "We have to be quiet mums home" "O-ok" my heart is racing and i am craving him. He slid my under wear off and unhooked my bra. He kissed my neck and i felt his fingers inside me, "Marcellll" "Shh babe" he put his hand over my mouth and he started fingering faster. I kept moaning but it was quiet, he kept this up for a minute then took his fingers out and took his boxers off, "Nows the real fun" i felt him go inside me and it was wonderful. He started thrusting fast and i was moaning in his hand and he was grunting into the pillow in the crook of my neck. He thrusted faster and faster and it felt so good. "Marceeelllll" he laid down and i was on top now. I started rocking back and forth trying to mimic his speed, "Ohh god brookelyneeee" he said quietly. He flipped me over and he was back on top and he thrusted fast and hard. "MARCEL" i was practically yelling and if his hand wouldnt had been there the whole neighborhood would know. " close" "I know babe" he kept thrusting and i came but he kept going. I was riding out my climax and he finally came and i felt his warm liquid inside me. Shit no condom. He rode out his climax and he pulled me really close to him and wrapped me up in his arms our bare bodies sweaty and shining, "Thank you so much" he whispered out of breath. He kissed the top of my head and buried his face in my neck and we fell asleep. 

   The next morning i woke up and we were still naked and he was still curled up with his face in my neck. I tried to move without waking him up but it didnt work. "Good morning beautiful" "Morning" "You let me have a fantastic night last night" "You did the same for me" he kissed me and his hand went down and squeezed my bum making me gasp and he slipped his tongue into my mouth. I kissed back , our tongues exploring the tastes and he finally pulled away out of breath, "You know if you wanted in all you had to do was ask" "I like my way better" he smiled and took my hand in his, "I love you so much" "I love you too" "Who knew that tiny little country girl could change my life forever" i laughed, "Who knew the nerd could change mine" he laughed, "Yeah we both got a little shock" "A good one" "Definitely a good one" 



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