Double Identity

Brooklynne moved from her small town school to a big high school after her parents struck it rich. She had to leave all her real friends behind and now make new ones. Will this be an easy task or will the Styles twins prevent this from happening?


18. 18


   I went downstairs and watched Zayns car pull out of my driveway and i turned around to see brooke in shorts and a t-shirt just standing there. "Lets go" she nodded and followed me out to my car. We were about half way there and she had been quiet this entire time. "Whats wrong with you?" she looked at me, "Nothing" she barely peeped. "No you are always talking Marcel's ear off and being very loud about it whats your problem?" "Nothing" "Damn it i cant help you if you dont tell me whats wrong" there was a bit of an agitated tone. I looked at her and she looked scared to death, "Im not going to do anything to you" "I know" "Stop squeaking like a mouse and talk loud enough so its audible please" "i said i know ok" "Why are you scared of me then?" my voice as starting get get loud, not on purpose it just gets there when i get agitated, "Your being too loud" i took a breath and pulled into the parking lot. She jumped out and fast walked into the hospital and into the elevator. I just followed behind her and got on the second elevator and rode up to Marcel's floor.


   Harry yelling really scared me. He morphs into like the hulk, his voice gets deep and his face gets rock solid. When we got to the hospital i tried to seem calm but i wanted to get to Marcel. I went up to his floor and into his room and he wasnt there. I pushed the nurse button and she came in, "Whats wrong sweet heart" "Wheres Marcel Styles?" "He went in for surgery he had appendicitis" "Ok thank you" i sat down in my chair and turned on the Tv and harry walked in, "You dont have to run from me im not going to touch you i promise" i just looked at him, "Just please dont yell like you did to Zayn in front of me again please it really scares me" "Im sorry" he looked down at his shirt and it was all bloody, "Damn it i forgot to change" he stood up and he was about to leave, "Do you want to come with me? It'll just take a minute" "Uh yeah sure" i stood up and went with him. When we got to his house i just kind of awkwardly stood at the door, "Erm you can sit down i'll be right back" i loved being here when i was with Marcel but i just didnt quite trust harry. I sat down and played with my hands looking at the scars from the cuts on my wrist from the cuffs. I sat there for a long time. Somethings up. I walked up the stairs, "Harry?" i asked myself, should i go into his bedroom alone? No. Yes. No. What if hes dying? No hes not. 1 2 3 go. I opened his door and he was laying on the floor, "Harry?" he rolled over and his face was all bloody, "Oh my god what happened?" I crouched next to him, "Zayn" he said wiping his nose off, "Run take my car go to the hospital now" "But harry you need help" "GO" i jumped at his roar and he handed me his keys and i took off. I flew down the stairs and out the front door and dropped the keys under the porch. "Shit" i dropped to my knees and grabbed them really fast and turned to be not an inch away from none other than Zayn Malik.

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