Double Identity

Brooklynne moved from her small town school to a big high school after her parents struck it rich. She had to leave all her real friends behind and now make new ones. Will this be an easy task or will the Styles twins prevent this from happening?


13. 13


   I saw marcel help brooklynne carry bags in from her moms car through my bedroom window. I sat on my bed and waited a couple hours for marcel to come home and he finally did. I heard him come up the stairs and close his door, i got up and went to his bedroom. "Hey marcel" "Harry get out i dont want to talk to you" "Why" "You know why" "What'd you do today?" he sat on his bed in silence wearing my clothes, "Those are my clothes" he took all of it off except his boxers and threw them at me, "There now leave" "Marcel you cant be mad at me when it was all her" "No it was you damn well know it was all you" thats the first time i had ever heard him cuss, "Some one found there big boy vocabulary" "If i didnt have broken ribs i would kill you" "How'd you break your ribs?" "Remember that faithful day you threw your own brother down a flight of stairs?" "That wasnt me that was Louis and i never told him to do that he did it all on his own" "Yeah ok" i grabbed his shoudlers, "DAMN IT MARCEL YOU KNOW I WOULDNT HURT YOU LIKE THAT" "Well you did" i felt my fists clench up but i backed up and breathed a minute. "Marcel i carried you back up those stairs and took care of you" "While you were stealing brooklynne's innocence" i sighed and rubbed my temples, "This isnt about her right now its about us" "What about us" "I still love you bro you're my twin how could i just hate you" "Its not hard" i wanted to straight up punch him in the face right now but that wouldnt help my case, "Marcel please just forgive me i'll never do it again please" he looked at me, "On one condition" "Ok yeah what" "Stay away from her, her house, at school, everything and if i hear you've been around her it'll be a bad day for you" "Ok deal" i stuck out my hand for him to shake it but he stood up and hugged me. "Thanks for making me a good fighter" he said with a grin, "I try my best i only beat you up to make you stronger" "Thanks bro" i left his room feeling good about what was going on between us. But not so good about the deal, who knows maybe i had my fingers crossed.


   After my clothes went through the washer and dryer i put them away and laid out an outfit for tomorrow from my new wardrobe, and went to bed. When i got up the next morning i put on some dark skinny jeans, and a hollister sweater with thick grey and white stripes, some white vans, a white bow for my hair and i did my make-up. Marcel doesnt want me to wear it but im going to anyways. I went downstairs and my mom starred at me, "Wow sweetie you look great" "Thanks mom" i grabbed a banana and my back pack and went outside just to be greeted by marcel, "Hey Brooke" "Hey" he stopped and looked at my clothes then my face, "I thought you werent going to wear make-up" "Just today see if everyone likes it" "I dont" "To bad Mr." i said poking his chest, he smiled and bent down a little to kiss me, "Oh i like cherry flavor maybe you can wear that" he said with a slight grin, i laughed, "Yeah ok Mr. no make-up" "C'mon lets walk we'll be late" he grabbed my hand and we started the walk to school.

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