Double Identity

Brooklynne moved from her small town school to a big high school after her parents struck it rich. She had to leave all her real friends behind and now make new ones. Will this be an easy task or will the Styles twins prevent this from happening?


12. 12


   "Mom!" "Brooklynne why is harry in here?" "This isnt harry its marcel" "Ok why is Marcel in here" "He uh came over a few minutes ago" "Are you telling me the truth" "Y-" "No" marcel spoke up, "Marcel no" "Its ok, Mrs. Thompson i stayed the night here last night but i swear to god i didnt touch her" my mom starred at me a minute, "Ok, brooke get dressed we're going shopping today" "Ok" "Marcel you come with me" "Yes ma'am" they left and i got dressed in my old clothes dirty jeans, an old t-shirt, and my split end hair in a pony tail. I went down stairs and mom was making me cereal. "Wheres Marcel?" "I sent him home" "Why" "He needed to get changed but he's going shopping with us" "Ok thanks mom" "I better not ever catch you with him in your room all night again you hear me?" "Yes" "Ok hurry up and finish so we can leave". I finished my cereal really quick and we went to get out in the car. We met marcel at the car then we drove to the mall. "Ok brooke heres $200 buy what you want and find me if you need more money" "Ok thanks mom". Marcel and i went into a bunch of stores and bought a lot of new jeans and shirts that were in style rather than my old farm shirts. We bought 6 pairs of shoes 2 tennis shoes, 3 flip flops, and one pair of new boots. We passed the hair salon and i looked in. I want a hair cut. We went in and they accepted my walk in and i sat down in the chair. "Brooke you dont have to cut your hair" marcel said standing next to me holding all my bags, "Yes i do my hair is so ugly" "Dont say that i think its beautiful" "Well im getting it cut regardless of what you think" i smiled at him and he just sighed. The lady cut it shoulder length with layers then stopped. "Would you be interested in dying your hair?" she asked, i looked at marcel and he shook his head no, "Yes please, we could do my roots then add some reddish highlights with a little brown". My hair is naturally blonde but not completely. Marcel stood up, "No you arent doing that your hair is beautiful" "Yes i am now sit down" "No" i looked at him and poked his chest hitting the broken ribs, he winced and sat down, "If only i wasnt hurt i'd show you" "Yeah?" "Yeah" the lady laughed and she continued with my hair. 30 minutes later i had a totally new hair due. "Wow" marcel said looking at it from behind while i was looking in the mirror, "Do you like it?" he looked at it a minute and picked up some of it and looked at the red and brown, "Yeah i like it a lot" "See i knew you would" i turned around and kissed him and paid the lady at the counter and left. 


   I didnt want her to change her hair she was already beautiful. But when she did, woah, she looked like a totally different person. After we left the hair place we past a make-up store. "Wait lets go in here" "No brooke no i dont want you to wear that please you are already flawless" "Marcel dont flatter yourself i am not flawless and i just wanted to look" she says just look and 15 minutes later we walk out with a whole new make-up set. We stopped at Starbucks and bought some coffee and sat down to rest. "Why are you doing this?" she looked at me funny, "Doing what?" "Buying all this new clothes and doing your hair and buying make-up" "Because i needed to change my look" "No you didnt you were already gorgeous" "No i wasnt marcel stop. I wasnt popular nobody pays attention to me they all just know me as the country girl who wears weird clothes" "I like the country girl that wears weird clothes" "What if i changed my wardrobe?" "To what?" "Similar to harrys" "Why would you do that?" "Because im not popular, nobody pays attention to me, they all just know me as the nerd boy who wears sweater vests all the time" she was quiet a second, "Wow thats deep, i cant just unbuy all these things" "No but you can not wear the make-up and change yourself to please others" "Would you still think i was pretty" "Of course i would thats what i've been saying this whole time!" she laughed "I guess so huh?" "YES you little menace!" I stood up and picked her up by her waist and spun her around, she laughed and laughed. I love her laugh. I put her down and kept her close to me, she looked up into my eyes and i looked down at her crystal blue ones, "You have pretty eyes marcel" "I could say the same to you" i kissed her with my arms around her waist. "Eh-hem" her mom was behind me, "Sorry" i stepped away and grabbed brookes bags. Brooke blushed and her mom glared, "Dont do it again and if you do i better not see it" "Yes ma'am" we left and i spent the next couple hours helping brooke put all her new clothes in the washer and dryer.

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