1D imagines (explicit)

so this is some imagines...i take requests...just leave your hair and eyes colour and tell me wich one of the lads and if you want it dirty or clean...hope you enjoy my imagines....


1. Zayn imagine (clean)

You're in your room watching some TV when Zayn enters the room "hey babe, what are you doing?""watching some TV'' ''I have a suprise for you'' he says with a big smile on his face and you instantly melt ''what are you talking about?'' you said with a suprise look when you saw a medium size box on his hand ''turn around'' he said opening the box as you followed his orders, then he pulled your hair to your shoulder and putting on your neck a very pretty necklace that had a snowflake in dimonds ''this is so pretty''' you said holding back the tears of joyness ''not as beautiful as you my love'' he said kissing you in the lips, wich in a second became a very sexy and romantic make out session '' I love you Y/N'' he said in between kissing running fast out of breathe '' Ilove you too Zayn'' you said as he kissed your neck







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