I'm different. I'm not human. I'm a vampire. I'm a werewolf. I'm a vampire and werewolf. I'm a very rare kind.
I'm special and apparently a danger to the vampire world and werewolf world. They both want my special kind dead.
I'm in hiding in the human world in a town they would never look. I can survive like a regular human.
As if trying to keep in hiding and trying to find your kind was hard enough I got thrown a curve ball; I fell In love with someone to.
And this is my story.


3. The story unfolds

After Landon explained everything and told Polly what we were she was staring at us, "Wow." 
"Yep, now you know." Landon stroked the back of my hand as he kept holding it. Polly looked at us, "Y'all are mates." 
We both nodded. 
"Sab?" A raspy voice groaned/yelled.  I ran upstairs and into the spare bedroom and saw Ally trying to sit up in the bed. "Hi, sweetie, are you feeling okay?" I asked holding her hand and sitting beside her. 
She looked at me then cocked her head, "You seem different! OH, and you smell!!" 
I laughed loudly, "That's the vampire in me! The vampire odor makes every werewolf cringe." 
"But you smell good and friendly too." 
"That's the werewolf in me."
She rubbed her temples, "Okay, so you're a vampire and werewolf." 
"It's a .1% that people won't die from a vampire and werewolf bite if they're already one of those. I'm that .1% so is Landon, you'll get to know him later." 
"How did you get changed twice?" 
I took a deep breath, "It's a long story." 
"I have time." 
I smiled slyly, "Okay, you're the first to hear it. 4 years ago I was beautiful I had long golden hair with sparkling blue eyes I had a little chest and little butt unlike now. I was a normal teenager just turned 15 was starting Sophomore year of high school I was on the softball team, volleyball team, basketball, everything. But my parents wanted to go to Romina so my little brother, who was about 12 at the time, could travel somewhere, my parents love traveling the world.
"Well, I meant a guy there. His name was Victa, he was incredibly hot. We wet out on a date and he bit my forearm just playing around but it hurt and was bleeding.  The next day I woke up in my hotel Room's bed feeling like you do now. Weak. Confused. Craving Meat. 
"A year after that I was out hunting, my parents didn't know I was a werewolf and just thought I was at a friends house, but I was attacked by a vampire. His name was Sunny, he carved it into my chest so I'd never forget and he bit me. Just trying to kill me. 
"I woke up in the forest and went home it was probably 3 in the morning. I looked in the mirror at Sunny's name in my chest and was shocked at what I saw. I had snow white hair, brown almost black eyes, I had huge boobs and a huge butt! I was a new me!
"The next morning my little brother came into my room and saw me and threatened to call the cops if I didn't leave because I wasn't his sister! So I left. My family is now in Italy I keep tabs on them." 
Landon's POV 
I leaned against the wall outside of the spare bedroom that held Ally and Sable as Sable explained how she was turned. 
I could tell in her voice that she missed he parents. I missed my parents too. 
I looked at the picture of my mom, dad, Polly, and me. My mom had the same color hair as me and Polly. She had short amber colored hair with green eyes, Polly had her build: lean, not much muscles, not very tall, small hands, small feet, flat chested and flat butt. 
My dad he was strong. Black thick chopped hair with sharp hazel eyes, a strong build, he was big in every way possible. 
My parents were really good parents. They were always there when me or Polly needed something. 
I miss them a lot. 
I walked into the room and smiled at Ally and Sable, "A room with 2 beautiful girls any man's dream!"
They both laughed. "Yeah, but you went on a date with one of them!" Ally managed between laughs. 
Sable stood up and hugged me, "Thank you." I hugged her back and kissed her head, "For?"
"Letting us stay here." 
"Letting you stay here. I'm going home!" Ally tried to get up. 
Sable was holding her down in a flash, "You can't. The people that found my apartment have your scent. They will find you." 
"Yeah, and my house has this stuff in the wood that prevents werewolves smelling other werewolves." I added. 
"Who were they?" Ally asked as she looked at both of us. Sable sat on the bed and closed her eyes, "I don't know. Either werewolves or vampires. Either way they want me dead." 

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