Broken ......................

Zoe was a not so popular girl but she decides to ask out the high school jock what will happen .......................... ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


3. Its morning !!!

Far out my head hurts omg last night was fun my thoughts were broken by harrys groan I chuckled morning sleepy head “ morning beautiful wait did you just call me beautiful “ yes its because you are beautiful thanks no one has ever called me beautiful “ what are you serious I chuckled yep I am before I knew it harry placed his lips against mine I kissed him back you could feel his smirk as he deepend the kiss I started to tug on his curls you could hear the moan on my lips I smirked our lips still touching is harry ok “ shush you I started to giggle he chuckled “ you are so down to earth I love it thanks so I heard a little rumor that you are auditioning for the Xfactor “ what who told you that “ It was no one I started to chuckle “ tell me or you shall be punished how exactly will you punish me styles “trust me love I have my ways now tell me who told you nahh uhhh “ zoe tell me nope hehehe you gotta catch me first before I knew it harry had me pinned to the ground hovering above me I smirked and pulled him down it was my turn to amaze him I kissed him paisentley after awhile harry took over he bit my lip to allow acess I gasped and harry smirked when we pulled away I was holding his curls he smirked “what do you want to do today love I smirked lie in bed and watch movies harry smirked “ok love what movie ummm I know a shocker but my favourite movies are titanic and the notebook harrys mouth dropped “ those are mine too wow ok ummm favourite food ? “ tacos you tacos “ok thats our day tacos and movies nwaww harry your so romantic maybee we could do sometthing else I added with a wink harrys face went pale “ aaare you sure I smirked I would rather it be you than someone else “ok love quick question why dont you get along with josh * flashback * Later mum im gonna go meet up with Josh “ ok sweetie dont be late wait before you go come here and help me sure mum byee mum

I walked into Starbucks to see Josh snogging my best friend Amy I dropped the coffee and ran out the door it was our 2 year anniversary how could he I ran straight inside and up to my room my mum came to my door GOAWAY !!!

I ran straight into the bathroom and started to cry …........ * end of flashback * after I told harry he wouldnt stop hugging me I smiled hey how bout that movie harry sighed or we could do something else I smirked like what save cats from falling off the roof he smirked “nope this …...................

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