Broken ......................

Zoe was a not so popular girl but she decides to ask out the high school jock what will happen .......................... ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


1. Dating the High School Jock

Zoes P.O.V Cmon Zoe go and ask him out he will totally say yes …...... I truly regreted doing this I walked up to Harry I was greeted with a “hey zoe I could feel butterflies “ummm so Harry are you single at the moment ? He nodded his head and you could see the smile tug on his lips “well you know Sarahs party is tonight ummm do you want …......before I could speak Harry smiled and finished “of course ill be your date but your gonna be my date I was actually going to ask if you wanted to go with me” at this moment my mouth was making an O shape he just chuckled “so ill pick you up at 7 he hugged me goodbye and I ran straight back to Chloe and Amanda they were smiling like idiots Whatt !!!! “ they chuckled we just set you up with a player What I was going red they were confused and walked off I was left in the schooll hallways thinking about tonight what will happen and I will deffientlley not drink not do drugs or lose my virginity. The day went soo slow the school bell rang and I literally ran home greeted by my mother she started screaming at me after that I ran to my room crying I slammed my door and got my dress out that Amanda chose for me it was a tight black dress all the make up was layed on my bed so put that on then I straightened my hair and curled the front the in a Guess bag there were black lacy and sparkly heels this is my usual Friday and yet I have never drank or done drugs but tonight I have a different feeling my thoughts were broken by my phone beeping “shoot im late .Then I turn around to see Harry ?!?! “what are you doing here he smirked “ its 7 love O come on lets go and by the way you look stunning “nwaww thanks mum came out with the camera seriously mum you do this every friday “ yes but your normally by yourself I blushed when she said that harry spoke up “ it is my pleasure to be accompining your daughter I was trying so hard not to laugh before I knew it we were at Sarahs party Harry helped me out the car and we linked arms and walked in I was greeted by Sarah Amanda and Chloe they were hugging me and screaming you look amazing I smiled “you do too before I knew it harry had his hand around my waist I smiled and gave in harry was shocked and happy at the same time as we walked up to Josh his eyes went wide and you could see the anger in his face I gulped and started to breathe heavy Harry noticed “ he wont touch you I promise as we got closer and closer before I knew it I was right infront of him “Hazza “heyya Josh umm this is my date Zoe “yes we have met before havnt we love I guped ok I cant do this I walked over to where Amanda was she was to busy flirting with Louis from drama class Amanda soz lou emergencey he just smiled “heyy I was having fun” yeaa yeaa did you know Josh was going to be here ? “no oh no im so sorry Zoe its fine now I need to go find Harry .

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