Follower (A Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

"I'm confused. I can't determine if the signs are telling me to let go already, or are just testing me on how long I can hold on."

Stacey Knight, a 19 year old fangirl has had one of her wishes come to life: A follow back via Twitter from one of her celebrity crushes, One Direction's Harry Styles. Although, her last love & heart break, Jake Davis comes in the way and the love triangle begins. She loves both, both love her. Having that be, only certain movements will make her seek who she truly desires.


1. Pressing of a button

I woke up on a Sunday morning, nothing new.

I quickly grab my phone to check what's up on Twitter. 

Suddenly, an alert pops up:

@Harry_Styles is now following you! 

"Woah woah woah, WHAT?! This can't be happening!"
I whispered to myself in shock. 

And of course, the first thing I did was send a direct message.

<Me: Heyyoo Harry xx :)>

"Awh shit! I can't believe I just sent that. That's so awkward!!"

I panicked, it had already sent, no take backs. 

*about two weeks later*

It had been weeks, and he hasn't notice me.

But of course, there's like 19294028469 others dm-ing him or tweeting him. 

I don't expect a lot.

I shut my laptop and get ready for a run, I needed to clear my mind.

After the peace, I take a cold shower and head back to my laptop. 

"Do do doo... Twittaa... AHHHHH!!"

Harry Styles had replied to my DM. 

<Harry: Hey xx ;)>

"It's like he didn't even notice I was a weirdo there."

I spoke to my laptop.

"Hm.. What am I gonna reply?"

<Me: I just met you! x ;D>

I wait around and he replies quite quickly, ten minutes.

<Harry: And this is crazy! x>

I replied faster than the speed of light.

<Me: Well.... If I gave you my number, would you even call me? x>

<Harry: Yeah, probably. x :)>

<Me: So.. You want my number? x>

<Harry: It depends, do you want me to have your number? x>

<Me: That's not even a question. 0915******4 
Call me, maybe?>

I waited for 20 minutes. 

Great. He must've though that was TOTALLY weird.

I went to the kitchen to grab some Pringles and when I entered my room, my phone had been going off. 

The number was unknown, I was hoping it was Harry. 

So, I answered. 


"Hey there."


"It's Harry."


I froze for a few seconds. 

"What?" He giggled.

I was still silent.

"Hello? Stacey? Still there?"

Oh goodness.. He just said my name.

And the way he said it made me go all dumb.

"He heheh.. Uh.. Sorry. Yeah. I'm still here."

Zayn shouted.

"Hey Harry, who're you chattin with?" Niall added.

"A girl."

"You're always talking to girls. 

Wait a minute, what's that noise?"

I was put on speaker phone & 
 was munching on some chips. 

"Yeah Stacey, what is that?"

"I'm just eatin some chips."

"What's the flavor?"

Only Niall would ask such a question.

"Sour cream and onion?.."

"I want some of those chips!"

And I went all awkward with,

"And I want some of your lips."

"Whut?" Niall was shocked.

"Nothing.. Nothing. Don't mind that. Don't mind me."

Harry butted,

"I'm pretty sure you said you want some of Niall's lips?
What about my lips?"

"You know what, I want Liam's lips. Cause he's got big lips."

"You know what that means!"
Liam came out from nowhere. 

Niall was puzzled.
"Since when did you become dark Liam?"

"Just now."

"Well whatever Harry, she wants my lips."

"My lips are like, 20 times better than your lips! She didn't even give a name. But, it must be me.

I AM the one who followed her,
I AM the one who DMed her,
I AM the one who got her number, 
I AM the one who called her."

"Well I'm the one who asked her what flavor of chips she was eating."
Niall turned sassy.

"You're the only one who would ask a question like that to a girl, Niall."

I just place them on speaker phone as well and laugh at the dumb argument. 

This was the perfect twitter moment.

New Tweet:
Judge Stacey in the house! 
@Harry_Styles @NiallOfficial @Real_Liam_Payne

"Guys, I already said I want Liam's lips. Cause they're big!"

"You can't have them because Danielle already claimed them."
Niall shouted. 

They kept fighting about each other's lips, it was historically insane. 

"Wait a minute, did you seriously just tag us in a Tweet about this?" Liam interrupted the whole fight.

I tried to break up nonsense. 

"Yes love?"
Harry quickly gave his attention to me.

"Where are you guys?"

"Just on the tour bus, makin' our way to the good ol' sunshine state of California."

Niall answer me before Harry did.

"Where are you?"

"My house."

"Well, that's a story of great detail. 
Let me rephrase,
Where in this world are you located at?"

"Oh, alright. When you put it that way, I'm in Canada."

"Hey hey hey, I gotta go alright? 
I call you again later, love."

"Ha, alright. Bye!"

I couldn't believe I just got off the phone with Harry Styles.

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