One Direction Preferences

This is my first one ever!!!. I don't take requests but comment a situation and i'll try to do it - THANKS!! <3


7. Your Kids First Birthday

Zayn- Today is your and Zayn's little boy's first birthday even though its sad you couldn't be happier. And Zayn instead that he do your son's birthday cake. And Zayn being the kid he has always been, he baked the cake into the batman shape. Put black, blue, grey and yellow frosting like the batman logo. And across the top in white frosting it says HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZACK. When the party was over your son came up to Zayn and whispered in his ear TANK YO DADDY. 


Louis-  Today was yours and Louis daughters birthday Lilly. And being Louis daughter she had to have a diva themed party. So you dressed up as a diva you could, when your daughter came up to Louis and said Daddy you diva to. Since it was her birthday he put a tiara, a pink feather boa and some pink lipstick. And since he loves his little girl he stayed like that ALL day long just to make her happy. 


Harry- Yours and Harry's daughter Hayden's first birthday. You invited all her little friends and set out the cake and the pretty pink,purple balloons.Like Harry she loved to be cheeky so at that she made Harry do all the girls hair,makeup and there nails. Even through hes out of his element he made her birthday a very special one.


Liam- Today Jacob was turning one,,Liam was really sad but happy at the same time.

Like Liam your son loved the movie Toy Story. So that was the theme of his birthday party. Liamm being Liam was in loved with the idea. And specially ordered Woody and Buzz characters cause he knew that would make him happy. And it did your son loved his birthday so much he asked if he could do the same next year.


Niall- Today James was turning one. And since he was only one but he had the apatite of Nialls. So Niall rented out all of Nandos for his party . After a while the food came and it was gone in minutes mostly Niall and the boys eat the rest of the food. But when your went up to the table and got more. Then you knew you would have to double the supermarket list. 


A/N; Sorry they kind of sucked sorry again. Trust the others will be better ~Kenzie <3        

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