The Styles triplets

Now, I know you have heard of Harry Styles....The pop sensation, every teen girl is talking about around the universe....But there are two more....Marcel and Lance Styles...They are the siblings of Harry....They are triplets. Harry is the sensitive one(and softy, sometimes the scary one), Marcel is the nerd who spends most of his time designing clothing for his brother and hopes that someday his brothers band may wear it.... Lance is the Jock, he gets all the girls...And the other two don't know why, he is just a complete jerk...And then there's me the girl that practically grew up with these three hazardous kids, Lily. I lived right next to them and I went to their school...And I was their older sisters best friend....


7. What happened..

We were in the car for hours it seems. We finally made it to a hotel... Yes, it was small in the hallways, but the rooms were HUGE! Harry and I shared a room, Liam and Niall shared a room, Louis and Zayn shared a room. I helped Harry unpack and I had no clothes, at all.

"Alright, I think its time to go shopping." Harry says.

"For what?" I ask.

"Your clothing, love." He says and grabs me by the waist.

He pecked at my cheek. I started blushing and I don't know how to before he sees it.

"Are you blushing?" He asks.

I nodded and smiled.

"Well, good I love people who blush." He says.

We pulled from the embrace and made our way to the local mall to buy all types of clothes and he said my limit was 150 pieces of clothing.

I was astonished, I don't need that much, but you never know when you might be walking down the red carpet...

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