The Styles triplets

Now, I know you have heard of Harry Styles....The pop sensation, every teen girl is talking about around the universe....But there are two more....Marcel and Lance Styles...They are the siblings of Harry....They are triplets. Harry is the sensitive one(and softy, sometimes the scary one), Marcel is the nerd who spends most of his time designing clothing for his brother and hopes that someday his brothers band may wear it.... Lance is the Jock, he gets all the girls...And the other two don't know why, he is just a complete jerk...And then there's me the girl that practically grew up with these three hazardous kids, Lily. I lived right next to them and I went to their school...And I was their older sisters best friend....


1. Hearing the incredible news

I woke up to the sound of  my phone ringing incredibly loud in my ear.

I answer, "Hello?"

"Hey, it's Gemma." A female voice says.

"Oh, you've called finally!" I say.

"I'm sorry for the 3 year wait!" She says.

"It's alright, so what's up?" I ask.

"My mum is getting married!" She says.

"Oh my goodness, I'm so happy for her!"

"Yea, I know and the best part is, you're a bridesmaid with me!"

I almost dropped my phone with how excited I am.

I tried not screaming in Gemma's ear, but I couldn't help it.

"My goodness, love, tone it down a bit!" She chirps.

"Sorry." I say shyly.

"Harry will be there." Gemma says giving me the 'I know he's going to flirt tone'

"Yea!" I say acting not excited.

You see, Harry and I had a love hate relationship.... And it was gone once he left for tour and barely ever came back, or visited me.

Gemma hung up and I got another call, it was from Marcel.

"Hello?" I answer.

"Hey, love." He says.

"Marcel, you're voice got deeper over the two years we haven't talked."

"It did? And it's been 2 weeks!" He says.

"Seems like years!" I say.

"Did you just wake up?" He asks.

"Yes, why?" I ask

"I was just thinking about how sexy your voice sounds in the morning."

I blushed.

We kept talking for hours it seems.

Then my mother interrupted our conversation.

"Oh sorry cinnamon bun." She says from the other line.

"Its okay." I say.

She hung up and Marcel and I continued.



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