Best Song Ever [Harry Styles]

Amy Cowell was abused by her father since her mother left them. Her father blamed Amy that she was the reason her mother left. Ever night he came drunk and beat her up. One night the neighbors heard her scrams and called the cops. Amy blacked so they had to take her to the hospital. They took her father to prison, the only family member she had was her uncle Simion Cowell. She moved in with him, her uncle was throwing a party and was inviting a lot of famous people. Simion was also going to introduce the band he manages. What happens when Harry lays his eyes on her? Would she play hard to get or not? What happens if he writes a song about her? READ TO FIND OUT!!!!!!


2. Chapter 2

Amy's POV

I woke up in a white room.  Please don't tell me I'm dead. I looked at my arm and saw tubes attached to me. "Your awake. Great." I looked up and saw a nurse holding a clip board and she smiled at me. "Where am I?' I asked her. "Your at a hospital. Some of your neighbors heard your screams and they called they cops. When they saw you, you blacked out." She told me. "Do you have any family members you could stay with?" I nodded. "I have my uncle Simion." she smiled. "We're gonna call him." she was walking out the door when I stopped her. 'Where's my dad?" I asked her. "He's in jail." then she left the room.


*A Month Later*

Today is the day I move in with my uncle. I haven't sine him since I was 8 and now i'm 19. I was packing my stuff from the hospital. I got a lot of friends a the hospital since I stayed here. Then a police man walked in with my favorite nurse Nancy. "Amy, this officer Dan he's going to take you to the airport and drop you off. Okay?" I nodded. "Ready?' Dan asked me. I nodded as he grabbed my bags and I followed him. We got out of the building and saw his car parked in front. He put my stuff in the trunk, he opened the passenger seat for me and I got in.

*Skip Car Ride*

We got to the airport as he handed me my bags and my passport. I thanked him as I went inside and waited for my flight. "Flight 32A now taking off." I got up and started to make my way to the lady. I handed her my ticket and went inside. Time to meet my uncle Simion!

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