Best Song Ever [Harry Styles]

Amy Cowell was abused by her father since her mother left them. Her father blamed Amy that she was the reason her mother left. Ever night he came drunk and beat her up. One night the neighbors heard her scrams and called the cops. Amy blacked so they had to take her to the hospital. They took her father to prison, the only family member she had was her uncle Simion Cowell. She moved in with him, her uncle was throwing a party and was inviting a lot of famous people. Simion was also going to introduce the band he manages. What happens when Harry lays his eyes on her? Would she play hard to get or not? What happens if he writes a song about her? READ TO FIND OUT!!!!!!


1. Chapter 1

Amy's POV

I was in the livingroom watching TV waiting for my dad to come home. I heard the front door open and close. Then I heard heavy foot steps getting closer. I got up and saw my dad walk in with a bottle of whiskey in his hand and he had blood-shot eyes from the alcohol he drank. "D-dad?' he smirked and started walking closer to me which caused me to take a step back. "It's your fault she left us...... SHE LEFT ME!!!" He yelled at me. He pushed me which caused me to fall on the ground. "If you were never born she'll still be here with me!!!!" I started to cry, I knew he was talking about my mom. That's when I felt a sharp pain on my left cheek. That's when I noticed he slapped me and I started to cry harder I know what's gonna happen next. "Why are you crying you little bitch?! HUH?!" he started to kick me on my stomach where my bruises were at. "S-STOP!" I Yelled which caused him to kick me harder. Then he started to kick my whole body. "PLEASE STOP!!!!" I yelled louder. Acouple of minutes later I heard police sirens outside. "You bitch!! You called the police!!" I shook my head which caused pain to go in my neck. Then I saw him grab a lamp. Then everything went black.

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