Dead and Gone (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

You wouldn't think zombies were real. That they were just a myth. Just fake stories that people would tell to scare children. Except this time, the story came to life. Then I met Harry. One of the survivors. I didn't like talking to new people, honestly. Except he knew how I felt. How I was scared. I felt safe around him. I felt like he protected me. We only met because we were survivors though. We couldn't fall in love. This isn't your ordinary fairy tale. Usually the princess falls in love with the prince and they live happily ever after. We may like each other, but we are not living happily ever after. We're living a nightmare.


2. Chapter Two

The sun was going down and we all were still sat by the fire. A couple of us yawning, as we were tired. 
"We should split the bedrooms now." I hear a man blurt out. I know him, his name was Charles. He was basically our leader. He told us where to go, who go stay with, anything you could think of.
"Harry, Farah, Maya, and Josh will split the last room on the right. It's on the second floor." Charles tells us.
I look over to Maya and Harry. Who is Josh? 
We all stand up as Maya skips over to a man. He must be Josh. I walk beside Harry as we were far away from the huge house.
"It will be okay, you know that right?" Harry says as he had broke the silence. "I hope so. I only have Maya." I say. 
We make our way up to the door where people were still entering. Harry and I slide between people, making our way upstairs. Some people had to sleep on the floor. I see Maya as she was stomping up the staircase.
"There she is." I say and point to her. Harry and I follow her, making our way upstairs. 
We finally reach the room and we open the door. It was a nice room, big enough for the four of us. 
"I believe we haven't met." I hear a voice behind me. I quickly turn around, my hair flying across. "I'm Josh." He says with a smile.
"Farah." I simply say and turn back around. I wasn't very nice to people. Especially now I wasn't. "Me and Farah get the bed!" I hear Maya blurt out. I smile at her message and walk over to the bed. 
I lay my weapons down on a table and unwrap the sheets. I was afraid to go to sleep with two guys I didn't know. We're going to die anyways, right? 
I open my eyes as I couldn't sleep. It was pitch dark and I was too afraid to sleep. 
I stretch my body and climb out. I walk into the bathroom and lock the door before I turn the light on. I look at myself in the mirror. I have dirt all over my clothes and some on my face. I am surprised the lights even came on.
I shut off the lights and open the door. I see someone leaning against the end of the bed and I gasp. You usually don't see someone awake at three A.M. If they haven't slept in days.
I realize it's Harry. "You're awake?" I whisper, loud enough for him to hear. 
"I couldn't sleep." He says as he was sharpening his knives. "Me neither." I say and walk over to him. I sit beside him, stretching my legs out. Why was I being friendly?
"I used to believe dead people couldn't come back to life. That they were just a myth. I guess I was wrong though, huh?" I say and chuckle.
"I thought it was fake too. I still don't understand how it happened." He says and shrugs. I notice his shirt as a few rips which reveal his tattoos. 
"Why are you with Maya though?" He questions me.
"My parents died. She was all I honestly had." I say. "What about you?" I ask.
"My parents died too." 
"I'm sorry." I say and lay my hand on his arm. 
"It's okay." He says with a slight smile. I yawn and rest my head on his shoulder. What was I doing? 
I see Josh sprawled out on the carpet floor and I chuckle. Harry lays his knives down and puts his head on top of mine. 
As I was about asleep, I hear a gunshot. I prop my head up and quickly stand up. I walk over to the window, Harry beside me. "What was that?" I whisper. "I don't know. I don't see anything." He says as he looks out the window along with me.
Just great. Do we have to leave to another place again? 
I really hate this.
Agh! Drama, Drama, Drama! I hope you liked the second chapter, I will be updating less because I am going to Florida for two days! Yay! I just wanted to let you know. But I will try my BEST to update. I love you all. :) xx


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