Dead and Gone (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

You wouldn't think zombies were real. That they were just a myth. Just fake stories that people would tell to scare children. Except this time, the story came to life. Then I met Harry. One of the survivors. I didn't like talking to new people, honestly. Except he knew how I felt. How I was scared. I felt safe around him. I felt like he protected me. We only met because we were survivors though. We couldn't fall in love. This isn't your ordinary fairy tale. Usually the princess falls in love with the prince and they live happily ever after. We may like each other, but we are not living happily ever after. We're living a nightmare.


3. Chapter Three

The small group had awoken and we had all met down stairs. I sit myself in a chair and fold my leg over the other. 
"We will be leaving again in two days. We're going to practice our aiming and shooting." Charles explains. 
"Now grab your guns and the group you were with last night." He says. I meet up with Harry, Maya, and Josh. 
I feel someone tug my arm and I am pulled to the side. "Maya, what are you doing?" I question rudely. "I think Josh has a thing for me." She squeals with a smile. "That's great, now come on." I say and roll my eyes. 
We all had a sign far away from us, we had to aim at one certain place. I am about to pull my trigger when Harry comes up. 
"You're aiming wrong." He says and chuckles. "That's why I am practicing." I say as I roll my eyes. 
"Here." He says and pulls my arm on the right position. This is awkward.
"Now, shoot." He commands me. I slowly pull the trigger back, the back of the gun hitting my shoulder. It was a hard force. I rub my shoulder and make a 'ssss' noise. 
"You're going to have to get used to that." He says and chuckles. He then walks back over to where his station was.
"Well well well, does someone have feelings for curly over there?" I hear Josh say. 
"No." I state clearly. "Harry was just helping me. Now I know how to shoot better." I say as I hold onto my gun. 
"Is that a threat?" He questions and smirks. Josh was very confusing. "Uh..." I really didn't have anything to say. 
"Farah!" Maya screams. My eyes search for the blonde girl and I find her. "What?" I say as I walk towards her. 
"I know how to aim." She says with a smile. She always smiled. Maya was the popular girl in school that you wish you were friends with. I, on the other hand, wasn't. 
School seemed like forever ago. 
"That's good." I say with a grin. I shiver from the cold wind secretly blasting towards us. 
"Can we talk?" She says and pulls me away from everyone, gently. "What?" I spat. 
"Look, I know this whole 'Dead People Are Alive' thing is crazy," she says as she does hand gestures, "but, we can get through this. You have me, Josh, and Harry." She smiles. 
"I know.. It's just crazy. It seems like yesterday we were walking to school with all of our friends, saying bye to our parents. Now, our parents are dead and we're holding on to our lives. By zombies. Zombies!" I say louder. People turn their heads and look at us. Including Harry. "This is crazy. I just want our regular lives back. You know how scared I am? I thought all of this was a story to scare children. But I guess the story came to life, right?" I say and fold my arms over my chest.
I honestly felt like crying. Crying till I couldn't anymore. I've lost all of my family and all I have is this group of people. I only know one person. Maya. And if I lost her? I couldn't do this. 
"The whole world is practically gone." I say quietly and look down.
"You think I don't know this stuff? I do. This is torture. For all of us! At least we're trying though. Maybe this will all go away soon." She explains to me. 
Maya walks over to me and rubs my back, comforting me. 
"Do you want to go back inside?" Maya asks me.
"I'll stay out here for awhile. You guys go in." I say with a smile, knowing people were walking back inside the house. 
"Okay, see you in a bit." She says with a reassuring smile. 
She walks back with the group. I walk out further into the field, picking at the tall pieces of grass. Why was it so stranded here? How come we haven't been spotted yet? 
Harry's POV
I look out the window from downstairs and see a girl. It's Farah. 
I walk out of the house, walking up to her. 
I tap her shoulder. "Oh.. Hi." She says and looks the other way. 
"I know what you're thinking, this whole situation is crazy and you wish it was a dream. I do too, but it isn't. Farah, we can get through this. I will get us through this if it only takes me to finish it." I explain to her.
She looks back at me and smiles. 
Farah's POV
I walk closer to Harry, hugging him. He made me felt better about all of this. I don't know why, but I felt safe around him. 
I pull away from the hug and smile once again. "Let's go back inside, yeah?" He says to me. I look back at the house, then look forward. There was a huge field ahead of us.
"Yeah, sure." I say and smile. It was getting dark anyways. There's no way I would stay out here in darkness. 
We then begin walking back to the house. I didn't want to go back, but I didn't want to die. 
I know, this chapter was a bit boring. It will get better, I promise. :) Love you all! Mwah! xx


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