Perfect Timing

Cierra just moved from New York, America to London, England. Her life sucks. With a job at Starbucks to keep her apartment, and no friends. But then she meets Liam Payne`s little sister and they become bestfriends. Then, there is Niall.


6. GoodMorning


   I woke up, still in his warm arms. I could lay here forever. Then, I hear Harry and Liam talking. I raised up very slowly moving his arm gently trying not to wake him. Liam walked in saying "Well, goodmorning." I smiled slightly. He seemed like a morning person. I smiled and said "Morning Liam, I`m nit much of a morning person. Sorry if I am a little grouchy." He said "Okay? You weren`t but alright?" He walked back into the kitchen. Harry said "I`m making bacon and pancakes. Want some?" I smiled and walked to the kitchen. Harry said "Ummm. Your whole belly is showing? Hahah." My cheeks turned instant red. I said "Yeah. It does that alot? Sorry for the fat." He gave me a super mean look and said "Fat!? You`re skinny. Don`t call yourself fat. You are fine the way you are." I just said "Whatever you say. Mr. Styles!" in a joking manner. He grinned. I walked into the living room and sat next to Niall because the food wasn`t done. I looked over at Niall and he was groaning and murmering something. I was giggling at him. He opened hi eyes halfway yawning. Is it weird I find sleepy Niall even more attractive? He looked at me and his eyes widened. "Di- did we sleep here all night... to- together?" He stuttered a bit. I smiled and nodded. He looked away grinning. I blushed knowing that he grinned. Then he jumped up and yelled "Bacon! I smell bacon!" He ran into the kitchen. I walked in after him and grabbed me a pancake and some bacon. I looked at Niall`s plate and saw like 5 pancakes and probably a whole pack of bacon. He saw me staring and said "What? A man can`t eat?" I laughed and said "Yeah. Just not that much! How are you not fat!?" He grinned. "It`s magic" He said winking. I just grinned and ate my food. 

  ~Niall POV~

   Cierra looked so cute with sleepy eyes. Her hair fell perfectly down her shoulders with natural wave. She wasn`t wearing makeup, and looked beautiful. I`m really falling for her. Why does she have to be perfect? I want to tell her but I am so shy around her. I`ll just do it when I am ready. 

                                           (xx! Well, this chapter is BORR-INNGG! lol Yeah.. Just trying to speed it to the good stuff! I hope you like this! Well, loves!!


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