Perfect Timing

Cierra just moved from New York, America to London, England. Her life sucks. With a job at Starbucks to keep her apartment, and no friends. But then she meets Liam Payne`s little sister and they become bestfriends. Then, there is Niall.


12. Fun Fun!


  We first had to stop at Liam`s. He said "So sorry. I will be back in a quick second." as he walked to the front door. He was in for about 15 minutes. I sent him a text saying

 To: Niall!!(:

   Umm. Babe, it has been 15 minutes everything alright?"

 From: Niall!!(:

  Not really. Do you want to come in? Liam isn`t in the best shape right now.."

  As I walked in, I never saw the state Liam was in. He was laying on his couch. His face was really puffy and red. I figured he has been crying. Niall walked up to me and said "Danielle had texted him a bit ago and said that she cannot handle the hate and the time away from eachother. Liam kept telling her how much he loved her, but she said she couldn`t take the drama for him." I just looked at my feet. What if I ever feel that way? Niall looked at me and said "Cierra? I know you are thinking that you may feel that way, but nothing will happen" Then kissing my forehead.

  We walked into the living room. I signed for Niall to go away, but I knew he would stand at the doorway listening. I sat down next to Liam. He started crying. I held in close to me and said "Look. Hun, it will be okay. If you are meant to be she will come back. I know you loved her. It will get better in time. Just don`t shut everyone out. We are all here for you. Kay?" He rose up wiping tears rom his face. He gave me a big hug and said "I am really happy for you and Niall. You are truly a great friend. No go on your date." I smiled and hugged him while saying "Thanks! Liam you are great!"

 *Skip the car ride*

  We ended up at some carnival. It looked so pretty, all of the lights and the rides. So pretty. Niall grabbed my hand as we walked through. Girls noticed and kept asking who I was. He would always say "She is a beautiful fan just like you. But this one is one I fell for. I came here to show her off." I would smile and they would smile and take picture, but I could tell it hurt them. We walked around and of course ate food, rode rides for quite some time. But I noticed he was taking me another way after a couple hours. By now it was dark. We walked into a building decorated with lights and flowers, and it looked beautiful. In the center there was a little table set for two. He walked to it. There was some kind of chicken pasta meal. We sat down and started eating and talking. After eating the song 'Truly Madly Deeply' came on. He grabbed my and softly and said "Dance with me?" We danced and he sang in my ear the whole time. After the song he kissed me and said "I know it is soon. But I really like you. Be mine?" I kissed him and said "Proudly."

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